He is just so adorable. I think a little part of me will die if Shi Won doesnt end up with Yoon Jae. Ohgod… Mom tells her not to be shocked. My first love began that suddenly. Thank you for the recaps: Shi-won nervously puts in her contact lenses for the first time and revels in shedding her glasses for high school. How can it be this way? Yoon-jae hesitates, and then asks her if he can have the tickets to take Shi-won.

Shi-won opens the notebook to find that Dad did her homework for her. How much do I love that they run to her at the speed of light? Lol totally forgot he was alive in present time. How can heartache be this good? I was crying, laughing, and hoping the dad wouldn’t die. One mystery solved, another begins. This is one serious merry-go-round of teenage pain.

Yoo-jung runs onto the court and Hak-chan freaks out, literally running in the other direction. Yoo-jung gives them up with a smile, while Hak-chan watches, knowing what lengths she went through to get those tickets, all in an effort to be alone with Yoon-jae.

Yoon-jae comes to get her and goes slackjawed. The final entry for the radio contest gets broadcast, and the winner is Shi-won, who wrote in about her father, a man who sacrificed his whole life for his family, and then was diagnosed with cancer.

GF, thank you for recapping this.

{ENG} SHINee Hello Baby Ep (5/5) – video dailymotion

And Joon-hee is gay, which puts him out of the running, and I think it’d be a little lame if they suddenly just go, “oh actually, he’s bisexual” or something like that.

I’m sure if anyone saw me while watching this show, sinopssi think I’m having a major mental breakdown, cackling like a hyena and sobbing away all at once. I really do adore Joon-hee. I get so impatient watiting for English subs, which seem to take longer for this drama than they generally do or maybe I’m imagining it.


They get ready to toast the couple but Shi-won whines that she has to drink juice Omo! Ladytron33 August 12, zhinee 5: Again, all this could be a misdirect, but I’m really leaning towards Tae-Woong as the husband right now even with all the complications like the age gap, ex-teacher, ex-fiance of sister going on! Yeah, I noticed the hand thing too, which really seemed sinopsie, but I just can’t imagine Epieode as the husband because of all those complications.

I’m typing this in the taxi.

{ENG} SHINee Hello Baby Ep.13 (5/5)

Yet I love it so: Then, when he sat down, he was specifically given the seat next to Shi-Won. Thank you for the recap. As for why he might be the only teacher at the reunion, it could be simply be to add another character into the mix, or using a more story driven angle it could be that epislde is closer to the students because he is yoon jae’s brother and is also seen as being a part of shi won’s family. I thought so too, but the little thoughtless things like her asking him to hit her back at the beginning of Ep 3 wasn’t just a bff thing to do, but a husband thing to do.

Shi-won arrives and drops the pastries on the ground in disbelief at the measly prize her sob story got her. Also, the drama keeps on making it appear eepisode if they’re a couple, which leads me to believe that they’re going to surprise us with a different pairing. I can’t remember the last time I laughed and cried so much watching something lol. But it’s so smart to have us all on the edge of our seats like that, it gives it another kind of excitement.

I bet the writers had a wonderful time reliving in the set and having a blast. Just like in real life, I love to pretend that bad things aren’t happening in drama thus I will talk about my favorite scenes Thank you so much for the recaps!


Love this drama so much! Episode 5 by TeriYaki. There are 10 more eps! Haha, is he playing both father and son? Yoo-jung leaves first before she bursts into tears, and Yoon-jae goes running off with a skip in his step, not knowing what a terrible move he just pulled. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. And then the second she does, he promises he can drop dead right then without looking back.

Good thing I was watching it with my sister so I look less like a fool. All i know is this sitcom surprises me everytime. Why are these two so good? This show really knows how to take your heart through the wringer, but in the best way.

Same here, girlfriday points out significant sihopsis that I might have missed like Joon hee wearing Shi won’s scarf or don’t know the background to. I don’t have to be from this era or culture which I understand elevates the meaning of the references much more to really feel in touch with this drama.

I think most people here wish they were 18 back in He actually calls her noona. It seems I like TVN’s shows more than the other network shows.

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I just don’t know at the time. Started watching it yesterday. I love the subtle yet significant manner they have incorporated it into the mix of other love triangles. I remembered that as it was happening, but I still cried. I don’t think that completely takes him out of the possible husband candidates yet. Probably more with the parents playing go stop l o l and that says a lot, with the father having said he’d be the caretaker if he died.