It all began three months ago when Chunha began trial testing for their new medicine. My pity was to the actual victim such as Woo Hee. Spoiled rich girl Yeo-chi is undergoing training because her grandfather wants her to inherit Chunha one day, though she herself is completely uninterested. Park Sang Myun Supporting Cast. But as Yeo Chi delivers found the evidences connected with her crime before next, her crime is been recently gradually been proven. His motivations were always a little warped and towards darker sentiments.

XD also so that was her daughter.. You can either be Sam Woo-Hee even Bum-jeung and never give up hope that they will regain their heart and sanity OR you can watch as they lose their heart, their minds and be the end of themselves like Gollum Gabi. The court doors open…. I just wish we could have seen more of that early Bang, rather than a completely capable hero who remained funny, but lacked the element of surprise halfway through the series. My dislike for Hang-Woo has lessened due to this conversation, because of the comparisons you made of his journey and Mo Gabi’s. Overall, most brilliant, unique, and crazy entertaining drama of all time

Thank you for replying and sharing your views. Dia menilai orang dari seberapa ban Thank-you for devoting so much time to this for your readers. I will try to ‘fit’ these pieces you have found hi me, into my own puzzle, but as always you are free to point out that they don’t ‘slot in perfectly’ AND I truly hope you find some way of making sense of it all AND if you do, please do share.

I’m actually glad you used the LotR references because I understand it instead of choosing some k-drama I’ve never watched before. His end goal was not wealth and position alone unlike Gabi. Because how could the end be happy? Lee Deok Hwa Supporting Cast. Hang Woo is an idiot but he’s already lost everyone he had, if he lost Woo Hee too it would be too much pain for him to have to bear. What modern Western science calls, ‘The brain in the heart’ Eastern knowledge has stated a long time ago, that heart is the primary organ responsible for influencing and directing our emotions and our ch ability; it is a source not only of virtue and love, but also of intelligence.


I really do commend saoaryman actress who played Gabi Mo Ga Bi may be using whatever means feasible to escape from examine. Its analogous to his situation but he continues to help keep Mo Gabi in power. Mo Ga Bi didn’t end up alone, even if she went crazy.

However, my major gripe is that I find it difficult to believe Epiaode as smart as he is would fall for Mo Gabi’s lie. Epispde Eung Soo Supporting Cast. That pain of healing a hardened heart, as difficult as getting blood from a stone.

It had some of the greatest moments ban the year and if this is an example of the drama quality this year, then I’m super excited. I had never given much thought to that aspect until now.

And I love your handle nomu nomu nomu. He redeemed himself, by not becoming engulfed in what he had become. He was scheming with her for awhile and epksode knew how manipulative she can be.

Thank you HeadsNo2 for recapping this wonderful series.

Jun Jae Hyung Supporting Cast. I feel exactly the same way as you in terms of the ending.

Mystisith March 15, at 7: Episodes by LollyPip. And thirty years later we see Bang getting ready for yet another company picture, looking exactly the same as he did thirty years ago. They need decisive evidence to bring her down, and that means finding Woo-hee. History of a Salaryman Promotional poster for History of a Salaryman.

SINOPSIS Drama Korea Salaryman Cho Hanji Lengkap Episode 1- 22 Terakhir

That was probably my favorite part. This has nothing to do with him, I know, it’s the drama, they tell us the guy is an adoptee sionpsis he has no American influences and acts like a typical Korean piggybacking Thanks for always being high on laughs and low on tears, Salaryman.


Hong Soo Hyun Main Cast. Will forever love Yoo Bang and Yeo Chi.

SINOPSIS Salaryman Episode 1 – 22 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Oh, now you mention it, I would have loved sionpsis have seen a Bang Junior Banu! And when she drinks red wine in celebration after, a drop runs from her mouth down to her chin.

Maybe unrelated but the electric guitar instrumental riff played in the courtroom and in the last scene is totally badass and i love it!

One was when he ditched Woo-Hee on the side of the road when she tried to defend her friend. With each iniquitous act of his, his heart hardened, so that it was easier and easier for him to commit the most heinous of acts, to collude, conspire and contrive. It somehow reminds me of ‘Legend of the Condor Heroes”: I just wish we could have seen more of that early Bang, rather than a completely capable hero who remained funny, but lacked the element of surprise halfway through the series.

D I’m sad that more people didn’t discover this drama, but am glad that it did receive the love it did.

Wouldn’t life be boring if everybody had the exact same thoughts and opinions. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Or is it just me? Outside the courtroom, Hang-woo wheels Woo-hee? I always feel sad when I see this as a featured story: Seriously, this scene was excellent. Anyway, it’s been a great show to watch and to read recapsand I’d not have started either if it sinoopsis for you, HeadsNo2, so thank you.