He gives her a bunch of flowers that she reluctantly accepts. He declares it time for the hunt. Someone has mentioned before that we were promised a spunky strong female but instead we have received a wishy washy cry baby. When the husband divorced his wife, the wife was expelled from the household. He had great supporters and generals at his disposal, thanks to his mother. But these scenes are in Ep.

Song-yeon joins the competition among the Royal Artists; if she lands in the top five, she will be allowed to continue painting for the Bureau. I couldn’t enjoy it, knowing Ji Dwi was witnessing everything. I still understand her better than the boys and there are times when she is literally my favorite. That’s someone really worthy of being King. On his way home, he sees a dog playing with its puppies. Saimdang continues her painting session with King Jungjong. You look the best when you smile that way.

Sun Woo was impressive and confident while he was pretending to be king too. Later, the ministers pressure the King to arrest Lee Gyeom for treason. Based on history Gdwi will become King so that’s that A combined graphic of the historical and modern timeline characters is also available. With only her servant to help her, Saimdang tries to produce the paper within the deadline.

Comparing to Soo Yun Min-ho’s sister We love that character because she fits who she is supposed to be. The dialogues quoted above are from the subtitles in the Dramacool website video, with some editing.

I have a far better handle on who Ahro is and what she wants and what her thought process is. He then tells Saimdang and her husband that the school has a place open for Hyun-ryong. She asks if the mothers would like to go back to the days when students had to read books written on bamboo strips. Min becomes the president of Hankuk University. As of now, it’s only iflix that carries the international version 30 episodes, English subs. I find it kinda hard in this little time at this point for us to actually see SMJ take the throne and be a powerful King when the writer never bothered to use his own arc to make him gain actually some power,some supporters to back him up before begin a puppet when he takes the crown What do I do?


It will end with him on the throne because they are not going to mess with the history especially of a great king like Jinheung. He could have killed Min Chi-hyung, but their swords get broken into half. Though i think the description is more like “passive” and “complacent”. Alone with Lee Won-su, Saimdang asks him: Saimdang struggles to keep her family together as her children have found out that their father has taken a concubine.

Jangwon paper Store is also raided, but Hwieumdang has already hidden its ledgers and other documents.

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Unknown September 02, 4: Lee who also plays Saimdang then unravels the secret of a mysterious xnd. Examples include folk paintings and everyday items like key charms decorated with colorful floral embroidery, butterfly-shaped locks, jewelry boxes with butterfly decorations, funeral biers decorated with floral engravings, and ornamental hairpins carved with floral and butterfly patterns.

I have to say that she must have loved her son enough to keep him safe and taught him well to become a great king. Lee Gyeom convinces Saimdang to transfer all of their Unpyeongsa Goryeo paper to a safe place and to burn the shed in order to mislead Min Chi-hyung and his men.

Ji Dwi has more calculations going on. Ji-yoon regains consciousness and finds out that her husband is alive.

Lee Gyeom is the only Royal Family member whom the King wants at his side. She made the most out of the difficult things; my mother is a strong but soft-hearted person.

Min Chi-hyung learns that Lee Gyeom and Saimdang nearly got married years ago and that Lee Gyeom showed up in Hanyang just when Saimdang and her family have relocated there. I’m going to be honest and say Go Ah Ra acting just didn’t do anything for me except feeling annoyed at her. It is usually worn by princesses when they are going to get married. Sun-woo draws his sword and invites Crown Prince Chang to just try and kill his people.


SINOPSIS Prime Minister and I Episode 1 – 17 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

I hated him in this episode, but was drawn enough to look him up and realized I’ve seen him in a lot of dramas before. I really liked when she got food for everyone out of nowhere in the middle of the woods.

She gets locked out of her hotel room, and her problems worsen when she hears from her friend Hye-jung that Prof. This drama has two versions: Shooting portraits Photojournalism Lee Gyeom goes back to Sujinbang and surprises Saimdang by embracing her.

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Yes but sooyun looks cute with Ban Ryu. She decides to sell the paper herself on the street. Didn’t they spend most of their time locked up in a cell?

Greenfields February 7, at 6: It’s hard, I know, as viewers, to not impose our moral attitudes on history, but we must, for the sake of reality. Yes, the acting is not the best but I like how different she is compared to other female leads. A no-nonsense strong resourceful woman.

They probs didn’t want to distrub the gender norms prevalent in many kdramas–the princess has too many “male characteristics” and thus, is undeserving of being female lead. Filming will begin soon in Iran, South Korea, and Vietnam. PSJ is a great actor and I have to give him props for making sunwoo so likable but we know nothing about sunwoo except that he loved his best friend, now lives for Ahro, has fainting problems and is bad at everything but picks up pirme really fast as well lollll.

Danger and intimacy in the forest Episode 15 recap: The secret of Unpyeongsa Goryeo paper Episode 16 recap: It was to preserve the Sacred Bone royal blood. I’m more anxious about his birth secret to come open and finally get rid of that Queen chains on him.