Power, in some form, we know that. Standard Posted by Cimi. Choi Ho wants to quietly leave, but the gang gives him a hard time and takes his wallet, egging him on for being cowardly and a pushover just like the old days. Surprisingly, Dad jumps off to save his son rather than the key. Soon Deok, 4th place: He harasses Choi Ho for getting bullied and not being able to defend himself even after being at Moorim for three years. It is to be protected by a strong person to prevent the chaos from unfolding in this world. When the Dean returns to his office, someone has broken in and rummaged through his things and left a mess.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. The teachers discuss how they will grade their portion of the potluck party exam. Shi Woo and Chi Ang are preparing to be rivals, arch enemies, protector and pursuer of the chintamani. In front of everyone there, he asks if the Dean will continue to keep silent about the key after all this. This episode honestly where my annoyance threatened to take away my enjoyment of the series. I want his character to be less annoying.

Chi Ang simply kept boiling! This, too, involves the pursuing of Soon-deok, with whom both parties are in love with.


The two are skilled and evenly matched. He heard he was abandoned in the forest as a child, he tells her. Is it fate, she wonders? Kwon Sang Seung elles viennent autres et pareilles avec chacune c’est autre et c’est pareille avec chacune l’absence d’amour est autre avec chacune l’absence moprim est pareille -Samuel Beckett.


Dong Goo orchestrated the power-out in the hotel and Luna knocked out and kidnapped Soon Deok. I like how the voiceover in the ending moorimm us the importance of believing in ourselves.

Sun-ah has become a new dean, with new students all over the place. Does anyone else feel this way? February 2, at Posted on February 15, sinopwis January 30, at Chi Ang is quiet for a moment, then tells her that the playing helps Shi Woo fall asleep.

Monk and Dean Hwang meet to discuss what happens next.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Monk asks Dean about the meditation aspect as it seems to be missing in the potluck theme. Korean Broadcasting System television dramas South Korean television series debuts South Korean television snopsis endings s South Korean television series South Korean fantasy television series South Korean action television series.

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Its all over the place. You are very welcome and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!! Shi Woo kept teasing Chi Ang inside the dressing room, but once Seon Ah tried to pick up a dress Chi Ang prevented her from committing a fashion crime! Glad that the subbing team subbed this sonopsis faster than the others like the one with Park Shi Hoo.


Moorim School – Episode 16 (Final) Review

DramaDance-popBallad. HW needs to be given more screentime. Soon Deok had an idea! Moo Song Hwang sits quietly during the discussion.

Mother wants to cook something delicious for her son and asks Bang Duk if dchool will get Soon Deok to deliver it to Moorim School. Notify me of new comments via email.

HB is pretty green in this. Soon Deok has her own problems and complains to Sun Epsiode in their hotel room. Chi Ang is a fountain of information, happy to have time alone with Areil and not suspecting a thing. Shi Woo and Chi Ang have bathroom duty again. Was it no big deal to him?

She was trying to hide her awkwardness by dancing in any way she could! Chae Yoon grasps his hand, but the Chairman can barely open his eyes. I am eager to find out what Moo Song hides that Wang Hao epusode to uncover, could it be related to one of the Chintamani keys? Sun Ah is ranked number one and trains hard. Standard Posted by Cimi.