Worst dad knew prof Baek because young Worst Dad had still have? In answer, So-rim starts laughing. Literally all I could think as he said it was ‘damn, that is really rich coming from you of all people’. Then, both boys pass out to the amusement of the rest of the gang. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. She cradles him, crying, and kisses his forehead.

He will never forget it, and he will be her eternal safe harbor. I’m going to give you a piece of advice: Until that point, I did not know that he was that bad. Thank you very much! Inho does stupid shit, but he doesn’t let go of his family or friends in a heartbeat. No Sorim-i will make us smile. Han-gyul asks him if he never regrets giving up the rights to his music.

She should be recharged to be with him.

So, i just let the problem passes by. You can look at our own forum after ep 13 to get an idea of how irritated people were with the inorganic storyline. I will miss this show ajummaa much!

After much teasing, they end up at a beautiful spot in a park.

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I can’t wait to see how everything will turn out! Dh thinks she has a problem about her tastebuds.

I’m really glad reading your recap, lollypipbecause you make sense of it all. The Master of the Northern Star arrives at the spring, with Bong-dae, the monk, and a much calmer Yi-hyun in tow.

I think he does a drama once a year or he might turn to movies. MY runs out but he runs right into Hong. I’ll post a comment from Soompi here, since I mostly agree with the user’s opinion: I like ur invitation card sakinban ur awesome. I think if you’re going to do pre-production, you have to set down some solid ground rules about arcs and how flexible the components within those arcs are.


100 Days My Prince: Episode 15 Live Recap

CEO Yoo apologizes and laughs it off. Bc she lost everything in her greed to have it all. He put out the fires. So glad she finally said it point-blank. Then I guess it’s a good thing she didn’t get the guy or girl, get married, and have a scheming little kid. Just at that moment, lightning flashes outside as another fake thunderstorm starts up. I told him that I would work for him if he let you go.

Lightning crackles around him, then Yi-hyun finds himself standing in the coffee shop on the first day he and Geum met Mmiss, in her older form.

Literally all I could think as he said it was ‘damn, that is really rich coming from you of all people’. So CY’s changed hairstyle is, primarily, part and parcel of his changed overall appearance see the new uniforms of the entire Woodalchi corps.

Han-gyul thinks of In-ho risking his life to protect that lie, and Yoon admitting that the deception stole his pride in his hard work. Please enter your username or email address.

Also, you are lifegoals and I fully intend to be like you when I’m watching kdramas and commenting on DB! I have live watched from the first episode.


But think about the consequences – Inho raising his fists will start a fight if anything, but he’s not crazy enough to do real damage to anybody. Known tells them that they were able to get in and out safely.

Snopsis CA does not think that DH is welcoming him that well, he can understand since he broke their deal.

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His hand starts to smoke with icy ki and he growls that there was someone else who called him out for a reason. As our lives change, come whatever, we will still be friends forever. Yool says that the princess is the evidence. Peony December 29, at 1: MC is so happy as well. Now they are scrambling to salvage what they can, whiplash to viewers or not?. Save your king and the girl definitely dies. Convinced that since CrazyGran already knew about the secret warehouse location in Gapyeong, she must also hold the secret to the other key.

And writer-nim, stop making Jung-hwan so frustratingly quiet. Yep, I agree with you about sangchul. You expect us to believe that shot was not tampered with in any way? Yeah, DongRyl and the future husband has the same hairstyle and features