I had wanted a different ending for Angelina who has in the end realized that she was wrong and sought forgiveness from Cha Don. I agree that Se Kwang definitely was a victim at first. Jae In is increasingly stepping up and her development is moving upstream by leaps and bound. Unfortunately, he gets caught red-handed by Jae-in and company, who tsk their disapproval at his mad desperation. Now the truth will finally be revealed and the names of these corrupt men known to the world. I recently started watching Giant and I am almost halfway done.

I tuned into this drama becos of him and am so glad that i did. And that is why we all love Cha Don! Given that Giant is perhaps thousand times better and is written by the same writer – i will definitely give it a try. TNmS Ratings in Korean. Do Hee tertawa senang, “Benar. We already know that she and Cha-don make a winning team and combining their efforts make them unstoppable.

It was definitely too “kind” a death for him, but I think suicide is in keeping with the kind of person he is. He beats the interviewers to the punch and reveals himself to be the infamous Shudal. Bi Ryung played pagt well! I chose to believe that there was more influence from other Se Kwang did not deserve to die that way – it was too “kind” a death for an evil person like him.

Ji-hoo is on her way out when another senior prosecutor tells her the news that Se-kwang is charged with murder and embezzlement. I was a little put off by the very end where Jae In gains weight, but I remember an episode where Cha Don said, “I liked it better when she was fat! Pengantin wanitanya adalah putri presdir Tae Sang Group. Though yeah, they should have made him work harder for it.


Jae-in beats herself up for being the last to know and asks why her father decided to show up now, twenty-five years after he first left them. Once everyone files out of the room, Prosecutor Kwon calls for an emergency meeting of the literary society to free Incarnatiln.

Se-kwang tells him to shut up because only the victor is the one who is righteous. It all went downhill for her from there. However, when even that basic stuff doesn’t hold ground in the drama, then it’s really hard for me to take the show seriously.

Do Hee berkali-kali menepuk bibirnya, “Aku harus incarnatiion lidahku”. I totally knew Prosecutor Gwon would try to kill Se Gwang. I don’t like confusion brought up at the last minute of the ending scene.

My Name Is Nuri: Original Soundtrack Cruel Palace – War of Flowers

Episodes by LollyPip. You’re right in thinking that it’s unlikely he will ever confess and feel remorse. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Jangan mengungkit-ungkit dia, apa kau sudah gila?.

My Name Is Nuri: Sinopsis A Hundred Years Inheritance Episode 21 Part 1

ot Does every rich person have their own secret vault? Kwon’s reputation is dead own, and he’s going to jail. Cha-don cuts her off and retorts that Se-kwang has stowed away the embezzled Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.

Because the story more than made up for it to me.

Incarnation of Money deals it s beautifully done. I appreciate the last scene being there epksode show that ‘fat’ women r beautiful in their own right! I’ve said it here and there and I’ll say it again: Normally, in these dramas, everything but the kitchen sink is piled in at the nth hour which totally frustrates me or maybe I should learn to love a different genre!


Or at least, that would certainly never happen in the U. He died while hating me.

incarnation of money actors make

He should have been made to confess to his wrong doings and be a bit remorseful. He has forgiven Angelina and as he says, he doesn’t want her kid to be like him, alone and without a mother.

They would have to do emergency surgery to get the receipt from his innards! Pages – Menu Home. Pria paruh baya yang lagi galau karena cinta.

However, I love seeing you lay a smackdown on the CLS. Cha-don mobilizes the entire prosecution office to comb through all the hospitals and clinics for any sight of Se-kwang. Incarnation of Money Nurul Jan 07 6: I stopped watching it at episode 11, but came back to it 2 days ago and since then marathoned all the remaining episodes as they were so good!

Create Content Make Money. Anonymous July 6, at 7: I had wanted a different ending for Angelina who has in the end realized that she was wrong and sought forgiveness from Cha Don. I was also able to make some very nice friends here namely Carole and Delicatecloud.