Do Yoon lies on his bed and recalls the sofa-shoulder moment with Joon Young. Yet, I did my best to you, my family, and Arirang. The ending mmm is ok, because with this kind of writer I was expecting the worst. He cooked for her! Hi Kaptain — thanks for the highlight recap. Great potential for a classic Drama, i agree that things moved slow and the ending was a big let down.

How was Arirang saved? Take a break lady. Serves him right, bad mouthing The Haemil! Although i do wish that maybe we can see the beanie couple appearing in a CF together and if they win the best couple award at the end of the year, i would totally scream in joy! Retrieved April 29, He only smiles, deducing his own fantasy of reasoning. She fell for jh after what? Thank you so much for your earnest efforts to recap and to bring out the significance of even the small details.

Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 30

What is wrong with you Jo Eun Jung? I hope he does comedy next, even though he has a speech complex. S…Your hard work is not wasted…Thank you. Retrieved November 2, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And a whole world of adoration for Lee Sang Woo. I thought you have given up, because of crap ending. The things I have seen, felt, and learned in Arirang for the past 10 years.

Such a romantic episoed During her free time, she does community service too, cooking for others. I still despise myself for investing so much time and frast into the beanie couple. Kap, I am positive you will recap ep 32 Loading The reporters surround her and she forces dramx a small smile for them, while reserving a sneer to send in his direction.


Knowing her nature, she comes to entrance with a lunch box.

Daftar Sinopsis Drama Korea: Feast of The Gods

Thank you for the time you spent each week, and for giving us a space to get together to discuss FOTG. Archived from the original on December 26, Shin Goo Supporting Cast. But I now leave with nothing but an upset stomach. The kiss,looks they both share is so convincing and I will want this drama DVD in my collection. In Joo needs to accept Joon Young as family.

Just as his head rests on her shoulder, a tear slips down the contour of his nose. Every time he recognized the sound hte your car coming home, he would run out, thinking that you would be there. His career will suffer greatly if he breaches the contract again by not performing in the next food event.

Highlights: Feast of the Gods Episode 31 & 32 Finale

Hey girls, this is boring, let see them claws and nails, all because of a name! Sung Yuri Main Cast.

Too many loose ends. Joon Young is wearing her cute hanbok, and greets Sinopsos Hee happily. She approves his leave with a heavy heart and grumbles when he starts to nag about her unhealthy habits.

He takes her arm, meaning to take her home, and In Joo looks up at him, pondering why he responds to her calls. He sees it too. It would be so great if they did it. Did Haemil attack Sanarae to seek revenge? Jane calls and she rushes to their building immediately, now knowing that Do Yoon received the courage to open up because of her words.


I still love this drama. He cooked for her! Fate brings the two women together in adulthood to compete for the coveted position as executive chef of Arirang Restaurant, a national bastion of traditional Korean cuisine. Joon Young comes home in a dazed and Da Woon wonders where she bought those cute little dolls because they resemble her episdoe lot. And JY, yeaaaaaaaa, she raised my hackles in the end. Two women grew up with food as a focal point in their lives — but one led the life the other should have had.

It has all the right, fabulous ingredients, but given to a Krappy Chef, it became a mush of disappointment.

She supposes that he would only ggods hurt here, and suggests boldly that he returns to England, where he stands before his fans, and be their role model. Without you, there would have been no Haemil.