Moderne Encyclopedie van de Wereldliteratuur vol. A countervailing tendency was found in traditional eastern literature. Sutan Takdir Alisjahbana has revealed that the periodical’s subscription was never much more than On the one hand, poets who usually had had a Dutch schooling connected with a late Romantic movement in Dutch poetry, the Beweging van Tachtig. Braasem, Moderne Indonesische literatuur , Amsterdam: For all this, in addition to the publications of Balai Pustaka and its magazine Panji Pustaka , [14] other magazines featured work by Indonesian writers as well, although there was not as yet one particular indigenous magazine devoted exclusively to the emerging literature. In , an association of young Javanese intellectuals referred to the language as “Bahasa Indonesia” ” Indonesian language ” , for the first time, thus emphasising the notion of a national rather than an ethnic language. Cerita Si Conat by F.

Likewise, the Pujangga Baru Generation was active even after the Generation of had entered the literary scene. The literature of this period was produced from the year until The influence of Rabindranath Tagore was felt. Indonesian independence, however, was not contemplated by the Dutch. This gives rise to various systems of alphabetisation. See kathoey for the case of Thailand.

Its literary tradition was influenced by these cultures, mainly those of IndiaPersiaChina and, more recently, Western Europe. National consciousness emerged among educated Indonesians especially. A few months later, on 28 Octobera congress of associations of young Indonesians, known as the Youth Congress Sumpah Pemuda adopted the principles of “one people, one nation, one language”.


In Dutch; “Indonesian as a National Language”. Meanwhile, other societies were founded, and a political party mainly nll at halfcaste Dutch and Indonesian members appeared.

The Bhagavad Gita was translated into Indonesian by him. For instance, older Malay literature was being written until well into the twentieth century. Thus, Ajip Rosidi is found dw A.

Mythology and folklore Mythology folklore. Beb Vuykan Indo-European Eurasian author of Dutch nationality but with strong nationalist sympathies, was briefly on the editorial board before the ainopsis broke out.

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Before that time, however, there must have existed a lively oral tradition. Flag Coat of arms. Since the thought of a national Indonesian language only struck sinlpsis as recently as the s, this means that emphasis in the present article is put on the twentieth century. Traditions Etiquette in Indonesia. The first works were dominated by syair, hikayat and translations of western novels.

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Braasem, “Uit dromenland naar stof en zweet. During this period, whose heyday was in the s, Indonesian literature came to be dominated by fiction both short stories and novelsand Western-style drama and poetry, which gradually replaced the earlier syairgurindampantun and hikayat. The works of authors during this period are dominated by the thoughts of independence and political manner.

Additionally, poets explored ideas such as femininity, and the women’s unique gendered identity that exists in Indonesia, as has been exemplified in the writing of Toeti Haraty, and Sitor Situmorang. InBudi Utomothe first indigenous movement, was founded.


De Driehoek [ or ]. One of the first actions the Volksraad took was to request the sanction of the use of two official languages in its meetings: Besides preventing criticism of the colonial government, Balai Pustaka blocked all work that might be conducive to any sort of religious controversy, and anything “pornographic” was avoided: In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

However, a notable source was Jong Sumatraa magazine founded in as the platform of Jong Sumatranen Bondthe Association of Young Rrt intellectuals. Thus, the title page of the magazine displays the title Poedjangga Baroewhereas modern spelling dictates Pujangga Baru. Moderne Encyclopedie van de Wereldliteratuur vol.

Retrieved 16 March Oral literaturethough a central part of the Indonesian literary tradition, is not described here.

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At dt beginning of the twentieth century, however, changes became visible. Uhlenbeck, “De Jong over Balai Pustaka: Bezemer, Vier eeuwen Maleische literatuur in vogelvluchtDeventer: H Priangan si Jelita W.

As mentioned, this publisher was a government-supervised concern, and it operated in the context of political and linguistic developments. Bikin gua, Masinis mulia, Jadi sekerup dalam masinmu, Yang menjalankan kapal dunia, Ke pelabuhan sama ratamu.

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