It plays a significant role in warfare. Tibetan Buddhists string prayer flags between trees and from poles on stupas, high mountain passes and other places. Bi Dam said that he wants to create Deok man to be that person. Princess Man Myeong said if she does anything to her, it would prove that she is keeping King Jinpyeong under house arrest in In Gang Jeon. Bi Dam utter his 1st words by address Mi Shil as mother, for her to say that this is too savage for her, whenever her whole life has been it has not been correct. According to what Seol Won Rang has mentioned that they were brought over the most efficient logistics arrangement. Chil Sook… Rang… Chil Sook: Seol Won Rang asked what is Mi Shil going to do about this Mi Shil said that west of Sokham fortress there is a garrison station of elite troop that is led by Yoon Chung.

Chil Sook claims that he first believe the thought that he was so lucky each time that he is now still alive. Episode – 12 Januari – Layar Drama Indonesia: It is as of now Mi Shil has no alternative or qualification whatsoever in becoming the proprietor of Silla. Mi Shil asked about grain ration in the storage reserve. Mi Shil said that it is utmost important. She became the first female ruler of the Silla kingdom.

Bi Dam said he will do so. Mi Shil asked about grain ration in the storage reserve. Mi Saeng said that Mi Saeng said that as they all know as the facts that currently Mi Shil is preoccupied with the perplexity of the matter in regards to Princess Deok Man. If Bi Dam has made this public that they has the evidence to execute her.

Dae Pung asked what is the stratagem about.

Mi Shil affirms that it was indeed her mistake on her part, it is because of the reason, this mistake has cause a inflicting occurring arse of a pain that she has end up with this situation of results. Mi Shil look insulted, Deok Man said that her game is as good as a lost thereafter Mi Shil must prepare plan for the next step for her future.


The imported ideology of Buddhism was added to this around the fourth century, while Taoist thought became widely disseminated about the seventh century.

Mi Saeng agrees that they also replenish their military numbers. Mi Shil said that she has favour deon ask of Seol Won Rang.

Chil Sook… Rang… Chil Sook: Deok Man tells that the whole world where else can she finds a person like So Hwa. Mi Shil is silent Se Jong: Yeom Queem said that he is being complex, it is just that Bi Dam has spent so much time with Moon Noh that he is divorce from how societies really works.

Bi Dam question the important designation is referring to…. Seok Bum drinks it to show dramaa the water is safe to drink. Baek Eui asked whether it is suggesting that King Jinpyeong is somewhat confine under house arrest in Seorabeol.

Mi Shil faction is filled with a boost ceok morale. Deok Man is surprise. Princess Man Myeong hugs her husband as he console his wife that all is but well now. Bi Sinopdis keep silent Deok Man: Chil Sook asked what is she so deep in thought that it is giving her concern. The Oho-nusa consists of two wands placed side by side, from the ends of which hang hemp fibre Cannabis sativa and several strips of paper. Thank you and credits to http: If they need to discuss such matter with herthe least that it qualify to discuss this will be that he has to bring Li Shi Krea who will be most appropriate to personally come to the table of discussion Li Shi Min is Tang Tai Zong, 2nd Emperor of Tang Dynasty reign AD Tang Emissary is upset over Mi Shil insolence suggestion.

Chil Sook asked the courier whether this was actually from MI Shil.

The Great Queen Seondeok Episode 50

In their private moment that he asked whether the talks turn sour. Bi Dam just sat there blank. None of the above can be shared with someone…no matter who it is…Kim Yu Shin…. The ideals that is not feasible will only ends aspiration to withered. Deok Man said she has a premonition that something must have happened.


Mi Shil asked whether the emissary read the pamphlet.

She was later brought back to the Silla palace, where she joined forces with her twin sister Princess Cheonmyeng to oppose Mi-shil, who wanted to seize power. Tang emissary tells that it is 1, guan of gold Guan is Tang dynasty currency worth nyang per guan Mi Saeng translate to Mi Shil of what the Tang emissary asked from them as 1, guan in gold. Then the Hwa Rang captain asking for Ho Jae views on what is going to be next.

SINOPSIS Queen Seon Duk Episode 1 – 62 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Or is it that you have abandoned me, that you are so regretfully, so drzma want to say sorry? Kim Yu Sniopsis has also made his escape with success. Chil Sook manages to free himself from the persistence Kim Yu Shin.

Seol Won Rang said that they have disarm all weapons. Mi Saeng asked that what he is implying that their passage to exit has been blocked. Bi Dam looks at a distance to see Deok Man having a private moment with her grief. Sinospis Man reiterate that she has mentioned that she no longer can accept what is happening.

Seok Bum asked for pardon but that is matter at hand is of that conclusion. Wyol Ya said that whatever it takes, Kim Yu Shin must stay alive. Seol Won Rang order that Mi Shil be taken away to a safe haven. Should I address you once as Mother, then? Deok Man feels with anxiety but then pluck courage in peisode.

Kim Yu Shin said that however Daeya fortress is a impregnable fortification fortress.