I really love these two episodes! One thing about Dadddy Long Legs: The threesome stand outside in the street. He takes her to the stairwell and shows her the Truth Chair, a painting of a chair right on the staircase. Shi-won just holds her hand without a word. Shi-won chuckles to herself at home, and then gets a call.

Not as a friend, but as a man. Yes, a lot please. I would say these were my favorite episodes so far, although the 90s episodes were great too! That if she liked something right now, she expressed the fire of that moment directly, and without hesitation. I rewatched that part like a million times to read just to decipher the rant’s translation, so yeahh.. The actors, the director, the writers and the entire staff have done such an awesome job putting together this production. After 6 years, Shi-won is still the same:

Episodes are the first ones for me.

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As he chats the night away with her, Yoon-jae continues:. The next day Joon-hee gets a call from Shi-won and he says the roommate conversation went well, saying that Yoon-jae is surprisingly dumb sometimes. When Shiwon check the book, she murmurs “From Jarvis, to Ppart The Blackout, Part 2: Thanks for the recaps!

The Rise of Phoenixes

He looks over at her, stunned. In the scene where they were having lunch and SW having the cold, when he dramwtized leaving and he told her to pay the bill – to break even because he paid for the book? Yes No Report this.


CM September 10, at 3: Can see Shi Won wanting more when Yoon Jae broke it off to tilt his head in the other direction. I don’t want some whipped cream, I want a lot.

What is with all you people and your surprise illnesses? I’m sure my heart sinoosis have stopped if I didn’t know beforehand what happened!!

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: BUT instead they talked about Shi Won? The kiss was awesome too! Tae Joon not confessing and Shi Won not knowing about his love and then not knowing about her feelings were hard, and I would’ve been upset if she ended up with Tae Woong just because the timing between her and Tae Joon was off. Up until this point, I desperately wanted it to be Tae Joon, because nothing hurts more than regret. Same with the necktie she gives him when they are dating, which has a totally different meaning to Tae-woong – a much more romantic one than she dramxtized.

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She dramatizef down in sobs the moment she sees him, and he just puts his arm around her silently. I love that Yoonjae lays out his jacket for her on the staircase like a true gent, treating her like the lady she totally isn’t Remember after that stairs scene, he only met Junhee although he saw Shiwon too must be because he was still avoiding Shiwon?

To him Joon-hee must just look like a kid playing doctor. Not as a friend, but as a man. ShinRaeMi07 September 9, at 8: I mother-effin’ love this drama to pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was hoping that the Grandma had a grand-daughter lurking somewhere- someone pretty and bright who loves a talkative guy, but maybe it will happen later? If you let daddy long legs scoop you because you were chicken shit, I will never forgive you.

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The writers sure know how to make a small, seemingly insignificant scene epic and sinlpsis inducing in the best way. I would say these were my favorite episodes so far, although the 90s episodes were great too! Back then, and even in this moment… I was just hesitating. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe I love this show.

I love it so much, I watched ep in RAW. Episode 12 by LollyPip. I also rewatch various episodes constantly – haven’t been this crazy since coffee prince.

Rashell September 8, at 9: That you like Yoon-jae too. He will find her an equal partner type and help him with his presidency. Great show with amazing acting from all the actors. I thought they got together?