I don’t get why she’s here either. Plus I like it because it emphasizes the human aspect of the heart, keeps up the tension, and you can still insert action into it. I have to say, the ending was almost a close call for Arang to remember it was her who cost her own death. I wonder how Choi came to meet Mu Yeon. Mi-ho meminta maaf karena sudah mengacaukan rencana Dong-joo untuk hidup rendah hati tapi Dong-joo malah mengatakan kalau keberadaan Mi-ho membuat segalanya menjadi baik2 saja. Beritahu saya pos-pos baru lewat surat elektronik. Karena dulu dia memberikan Mi-ho banyak sekali daging, Mi-ho bisa melakukan itu sekarang.

Thanks for the the recap. Download the latest version here. I feel really sorry for Lee Seo Rim This show definitely did both and did both on purpose because Joseon society is like that. Jen October 3, at 9: He in turn asks about her condition in a threatening tone—she must be weak after missing her last full moon meal, no?

Was his name Lord Kim?

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If there’s a deus ex sinopssis to gripe about, I call on the hellholes occasionally appearing here or there to threaten reaper and ghost girl alike. It’s really difficult to separate Taoism from Korean version of Buddhism Did something bad happen to her? Mi-ho bahkan tidak bisa membebaskan diri dari genggaman Dae-woong waktu dia memegang balik Mi-ho tue meminta Mi-ho untuk menggoyang dirinya untuk membuktikan kalau Mi-ho hanya berpura-pura soal kekuatannya. He heads outside, just as his faithful servant watches him go.

I’m guessing though, that he wasn’t the one to kill her.

Selama ini, Dong-joo tetap berharap bahwa jika Mi-ho mampu melupakan Dae-woong dan menerima dirinya sebagai makhluk berdarah campur seperti Dong-joo, maka sisi gumiho Mi-ho akan menguat dan Mi-ho akan menghentikan proses pemusnahan. Dang, I’m gonna cry for my Joo Wal. Lagi, Dae-woong meminta melihat ekor Mi-ho, sebab ingin tahu keadaan Mi-ho sekarang.


Well, there’s always room for improvement for everything and everyone. Clearly long term, such casual and fleeting moments won’t be enough for love that spanned fate enough for several star crossed lifetimes. I generally dislike characters suffering but I gotta say that cautionary characters, placed in a story to warn potential evildoers, are often powerful. It doesn’t matter that Eun-Oh doesn’t remember his past life, because Arang remembers for both of them and they have a whole lifetime to build new memories together.

Dengan satu kematian terjadi setiap sebelas hari, hari ini menandai hari ke dan kematian ke Does that help with the confusion?

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No longing glances or anything. No wonder the surly fairy mahistrate This is really a long stretch, but So Rim’s body never rotted or went through rigor mortis, so This is something I too, wonder about. And it comes at just the right time, when Arang is convinced that Joo-wal is a good person who just thr his chance at love.

For some one as cool as Leejunki The door to hell. Open Thread Open Thread by mary. She’s hesitant, not confident and she herself doesn’t feel she has the right to be loved by Sato. I’m so glad they tied up all the loose ends the parts with the ghosts and Joo-wal was especially satisfying and also gave the OTP a cute sweet end: Eun-oh runs through magisttrate screaming for Mom, but Joo-wal has led her up to an abandoned house in the mountains, where he hides her away.

If maagistrate kill yourself out of nobility, imma kill you, I swear! I’ll have to go sit in the corner and think about it for awhile. Dominique October 18, at 8: I feel for you, I do.


Kiara October 4, at 6: Noemi October 18, at 7: They way he pulled our emotions with his sophisticated impressive facial expression is superb.

Or was it just more of Dol-Swe’s love and worship? Then Eun Ho would somehow figure she was still alive inside the coffin and dig her out and they’d live happily ever after!

Seperti… Dae-woong menghancurkan pernikahan itu untuk menarik Mi-ho dan meninggalkan Dong-joo sendirian di altar.

Did you drink it? Oori Appa is Buddhist. He greets her and episodw walk away together. There is one other question that entirely niggles at my conscious: But it WAS a little bit of a let down that somehow they didn’t get the upper hand and make it work out another way in the end so that neither had to die magistdate go to hell in the first place.

Haha October 25, at 5: Very slowly and boringly.

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I just curious two thing: This was a body that was killed 3 years prior and had not decayed. Beside all the cast are good. Dol-swe leads Bang-wool through the village, urging her to stand beside him rather than trailing meekly behind, which is enough to make me love him though I already do.