Homer enlists the aid of Lisa to help him figure out how to save his marriage, but Lisa tells Homer that he is lucky to have Marge. Wikisimpsons has a collection of images related to ” A Milhouse Divided “. He said it, you saw it, comedy genius! The kid feeling weird not angry, weird for his parents breaking up. Homer enlists the aid of Lisa to help him figure out how to save his marriage. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Modified on March 28, , at Mad Jon Dave Unpaid Guest. Retrieved from ” https: Add the first question. The parents enjoy dinner except for the Van Houtens who nitpick at each other all night as Milhouse plays upstairs with Bart and the other kids. It was directed by Steven Dean Moore and is the only episode for which Steve Tompkins has sole writing credit.

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Retrieved from ” https: Homer tries to perform selfless gestures for Marge, but they only serve to annoy her. Lisa Simpson voice Hank Azaria Didn’t get invited to any Academy Awards after-parties?

The Simpsons S 8 E 6 A Milhouse Divided / Recap – TV Tropes

Classic Simpsons before season 11 animation is more lively, more smooth and fluid, even more detailed in some ways, epieode. They made a running gag out of it back in the classic days.

Modified on March 28,at And what would be the plot of that… other episode? The same goes for the rest of the scene: The same goes for the rest of the scene:.

Kirk moves out of the Van Houten house and manages to keep a cheery attitude until simpspns is fired from his job at the cracker factory.

Watching the old episode of the Simpsons where Milhouse’s parents divorce.

Homer then returns to the couch, and smacks Bart upside the head in order to return him to his normal color. If not, in the next week or month I might start one. Edit Storyline At a party at the Simpsons’ house, Milhouse’s parents Luann and Kirk publicly row and later split up, Kirk having to go and live at a motel while Luann takes up with younger Gladiator Chase. The family sits down, but Bart is green.


Homer cheers Kirk up by telling him that his marriage to Marge is solid, but Homer soon begins to fear that his marriage may end in divorce. Just look at the above image: Twitter Updates Saturday Night Cartoons: At this point Zombie Simpsons is a self sustaining monster that I would not be surprised stays around until Season Start your free trial.

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And why exactly was Luann mad at Kirk? I wanted to add here that I keep thinking of the episode where Homer wrote that letter to Mr. Trivia At the wedding, epsiode band mentions their next song as The Dooleys and continue to play True which is actually from the band Spandau Ballet.

A Milhouse Divided

The writers wanted Sheryl Crowbut she declined and the concept was later dropped. Talk Contributions Create account Log in. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After 10 years, ode to FG, you usually kill some of your characters. I Married Marge “This is the most beautiful moment of my life. Kirk and Luann get more quarrelsome as the party progresses and finally, despite Marge trying to divert the party away from the fighting pair, the two get into a fight and Luann demands a divorce.


Kirk and Luanne got remarried back in Season 19 and then the writers forgot about it and had them broken up again and then they back together again…and now they broke up agin. It was the fourth-highest-rated show on the Fox Network that week. Kirk attempts to get back together with Luann by singing her a corny love song from his demo tape, but he is rejected.

Dolby Dolby SR seasons He recalls his wedding reception, which was nothing more than Homer and Marge eating a whale cake at a roadside truck stop. The two are remarried. Seinfeld, even though it should have ended on an even numbered Season Season 10, not 9!

Richmond, Ray ; Coffman, Antonia, eds. When Kirk and Luann hit a roadblock in their marriage, Luann announces that she is planning to get a divorce, causing Homer to worry about his own marriage. Later he explained he was confused by feelings of respect for me. The Simpsons is becoming less profitable anyway on TV as time goes on….

In its original broadcast, “A Milhouse Divided” finished tied for 50th in the weekly ratings for the week of November 25 — December 1,with a Nielsen rating of 8.

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