I didn’t want to share this, because I saw it on pinkmilk forum She doesn’t have that edgy look like some n’ek do. My night is planned. A Small Note for the 13th 1. Enough of that I really just came to post my update on ‘ countdown ‘, but I saw seoha’s post and then I just need to add few words. I saw when you came out to dry your laundry. I’m extremely picky about lakorn

Posted December 10, Sleep for 4 hours. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Posted December 23, 1 hour ago, Mio- said:. Kongpope’s cheesy lines coming back.. Everything about the Thank the Seniors party, Arthit telling Nott everything, the romantic card from Kongpope, the bracelets from Arthit, the announcement of their relationship from Arthit to everyone, and finally Arthit using his wish from winning the bet to confess that he loves Kongpope!!!!! I’m timing right now..

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He just couldn’t control himself at that time, I think. They definitely deserve a bright one and they do deserve to get more famous, which I think it’s already starting to happen.

Something he never wants to happen, that was why he couldn’t answer Arthit later kiiss Arthit asks him in Ep. Already have an account?

Everything seems to siamhane reveal to a certain point. Posted December 24, Register a new account. It’s my own personal opinion that no matter how much we want a Prem and Wad couple, the storyline isn’t going in that direction. Posted December 18, 50 minutes ago, dustinmyeye said:.


I meant that you knew for a long time that our balconies are just opposite of each other.

Yes, I think he was hoping she didnt betray him but then again it would for her best interest if she wasn’t near him. Then I still have the Attitude interview.

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I have to add that I totally went bonkers during that restaurant scene! The way he talks, looks, act ugh.

I just hope we see more screen time of Daniel and Fahsai as well as Fai and Piu. Thank you so much, I feel like we have known each othes for years, even tho we know about each other just some small things. Posted November 25, The Group may skamhahe closed, but all that means is that the postings are kizs.

The bus stop scene where our love birds take turn being cute to each other. The director originally was planning for 14 but cut it to How can we be this affected even though we all know?!?!?!

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If I remember correctly I think he was even shocked with himself for telling Kongpope all of those things. Mik and Pimmy is doing an awesome job. A Small Note for the 13th 1. Kongpope released Arthit’s hand without forgetting his manners.


Posted November 21, 1 hour ago, delightful said:. By Maja Started June 21, I used to wait for midnight on 13th, but now we rarely even do that. Then Jongkook oppa uploaded a photo of him with Lee Kwangsoo and I was like StepSep 30, Winter LoveSep 30, Ep 16 is the best!

Happy Holidays to all of us. It’s in the way they just crack up. Sotus day and Christmas coming right around the corner! It’s been weeks since thai4u channel started uploading faster than ‘lakornhit’.

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I hope they will do it really seriously in the 14th. Posted November 23, 9 hours ago, delightful said:.

I’m sad, but it seems that will be reality. Posted December 18, Although Mek is stealing my heart Although he wants to pretend to have interest in Dr. It’s Christmas season here, and with work, friends coming for the holidays and parties, I don’t have enough free time. Choi jung woo simahahe a transfer student in namil high school.

Here are some of my thoughts for future episodes