However, they see Nagihiko talking with Diamond, expressing his enviness towards Amu and wondering when his two eggs will hatch. She ties up the workers and Nana turns off the tuning fork. While a girl named Hinako moves away, her Guardian Egg drops out from her package. Switching to Lunatic Charm, she attacks with Nightmare Lorelei. Quand est ce que vous mettrez la fin de la saison 2 et la saison 3? Tadase’s grandmother later falls in critical condition, and since then, Tadase believed his mother’s words about Ikuto. Mobile Suit Gundam

Although Saaya proves to be stubborn, Lulu changed her Heart’s Egg to a? Tadase tells him he wishes he had an older brother, so Kukai invites Tadase to his house. However, Kiseki comes to bring news that Tadase has a cold, making Amu feel relieved. There, his brothers complain about getting the wrong groceries and Kukai’s oldest brother, Kaido, challenges him to a soccer match. While taking Ami shopping, Amu sees a poster that Easter has produced. Meanwhile, the others are wondering where they went off to.

Archived from the original on March 10, Tsukasa shows the young Hikaru a picture book, but he angrily dismisses charra as pointless and rips a page out of it. Later, Lulu meets Manami again and turns her Heart’s Egg into a? The next day, Amu is relaxing when a baseball comes straight for her.

Egg turns into an X Egg ,and everything goes back to normal. Comment on mets une image?

Shugo Chara S3 (1-25)

Amu tells her that her mother would not be happy if she knew Lulu was using people’s dreams, but Lulu takes out the necklace in her pocket and uses it against herself. Backstage, Nagihiko finds Yua and the two talk for a while. Lulu and Nana are walking down the street when they see a baseball -playing girl practicing her pitches.


Amu and Rima Character Transform to respond. Kiseki mourns for the statue after the collapse. To replace Utau Easter hires a new character, Lulu. Wing of roar World destruction X Xenosaga Y. After reasoning with Manami, her?

They head off to see Hitomi hypnotized, singing and putting everybody in a trance. Later we see, Ikuto is seen walking away from Amu’s house, only to be captured by Easter. Switching to Lunatic Charm, she attacks with Nightmare Lorelei. After she finishes explaining, Amu apologizes. Amu tells her that she will listen to her. Character Transforming to Amulet Clover, Amu takes a wave of chocolate with whisk and bowl and makes some of her own, curing everyone of hypnosis.

As the child becomes an adult, the egg will disappear without a trace. Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao 12 Inazuma They do a ballroom dance, and her? She brought some sort of miniscule entertainment, but I. Please try again later. After she finally hits the baseball and home run, Amu tells Natsuko to keep trying. They go back up to meet the group and witness the reforming of episkde giant X Character.

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Amu first says that the girl’s dream is pretty weird, but apologizes later. Rima says she won’t hold hands with a cyara, as she has heard Nobuko’s accurate guess about Nagihiko and Nadeshiko being the same person. They go into a secret room behind the principal’s office to see Tsukasa and find him with prepared tea.

Shugo chara doki 66 watch shugo chara doki episode 66 english subbed online fast streaming shugo chara doki 66 english subbed. Lulu notices this, so she plans to get to Mamoru after he leaves the planetarium, but Amu sees her.

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Shugo Chara 80 vostfr. Nodame Cantabile No gizaka haruka Nyan koi! Nana is quickly forced into her egg and Lulu prepares to undergo a Character Transformation. There, she flirts around Tadase, who tells her he likes girls with spunk. HTML5 available for mobile devices. There, his brothers complain about getting the wrong groceries and Kukai’s oldest brother, Kaido, challenges him to a soccer match.


Ikuto is feeling weak again, and walking through a park, he sees Amu and Yoru, but then collapses. Amu becomes the 1 popular girl at school. Tadase catches her, but Yoru is distressed as Kazuomi took Ikuto and left.

Ikuto smiles because he heard Utau sing. I’ll Become the Ace Player! It’s like nobody draws Nikaidou-sensei. Rosario Vampire S2 ep See more ideas about Shugo chara, Manga anime and Anime art.

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Shugo Chara 81 vostfr. They finally find the other Guardians and tell them where Rima and Yaya are. In Easter, Kazuomi goes to tell Gozen he will have the Embryo soon, but he’s not in his office.

Rima gets jealous of Nagihiko because of all the time being spent with Amu, so Amu and Nagihiko take Rima to the mall. Students from each class prepare posters, food, a cage and fliers to help find the owner. Eggs, causing them to Character Transform to Happy Dream 1 and 2.

In reality, Humpty Lock and Dumpty Key unite, causing a brilliant light to wash over the area. Futatsu no Kyara Nari!

It turns out one of the Chairmen is Kairi.