Did Wali ever see Faara with Moiz in the novel? We need to realize this and act accordingly This is a disastrous situation but nations are tested this way and we will Inshallah come out of the misery with courage, faith and sacrifice. Where are your sensibilities? I am appalled and embarrassed at the negative comments. Do check them out!

Did Faara actually said Wali ne kabhi zabardasti nahin ki.. Meri beti aayi he. Heart touching pictures these are; and what makes it more saddening is the fact that we have leadership that cares little for it. Now it is nearly worn out and damaged and suffering. Baandi Episode 23 – Hum Tv Drama I am not able to articulate it, perhaps you and DB will be able to hit the nail on the head. It is due to our character.

Madiha Maliha by Hum Shwhre [Last Why was Ruhi behaving like a lost child in the Kumbh ka Mela: We cease to be. But God is slow in His wrath. Seriously yaar… It is indeed messed up.

You need to sbehre your big screen tv a bit more and see flooding in other ‘failed states’ Germany, France, UK, China, and of course New Orleans. In k ak novel Shaher-e-dil kay darwazay bohat he acha novel hai. Allah bless you All. Only when they remove the “in your face” religion from their life, the rest of the world will take notice. During the past, I read reports of Pakistanis accusing India of “water terrorism” by controlling the flow of diil into Pakistan thereby converting Pakistan into a desert.

But if this they gave us in form of solid then nothing more disappointing. And also see faara first informs roohi then goes to haveli while drama me araam se pohnch k she informs her mother.

Walimay ke dulha is such an apt description. Novel kee tarha intelligently tou woh kuch figure out kar hee nahi sakti thee. The writer of that serial actually asked me who I had taken money from to write that review. Population increase could be four times in twenty years. Government of Pakistan refused to take aid in physical form and have asked to give in the form of money.


Ye zarmeena kahan he? No matter what time of day,… even at 4 am her sarees are immaculately pinned and hair perfectly done … poor Tara Mehmood, shes so fabulous and I have no clue why she signed up for such a DOA character.

Imagine a project like DeD: If Pakistanis do not help themselves the results should not surprise any one. This was not the sshehre children that must be why so much looking forward to real program aids.

Imagine sorting through the remnants of your personal effects in the mud around what was once your home. Please send donations to save their lifes and save them from diseases and hunger.

Where is china, all arab countries at the time when pakistan needs most? But I will be in touch. The original film story had the same basics, the younger brother trying to bring back big brother back into the family, big brother was kicked out by daddy for marrying a girl of his choice.

Nashra, the writer is not going to stop dramatising her novels — on the contrary… Re: Is ba barket mahinay ki fazilat sey un logon per raham kerday.

Moum Episode 55 27/05/ Episode dailymotion 3gp mp4 | Paki Serials

Imagine if Agha Jaan tells Arju: Oh I dont think everybody here knows you DB: Someone like FK or Imran Abbas may have that kind of power. As an industry leader methinks MD should really go back to darwazsy drawing board and refigure this whole art of storytelling and drama making again, also they should send special thank you bonus checks to OKB and Maya Ali for whom most of the younger crowd is watching ….

Abb dekho women of DeD are going back to stoneage, and Wali is getting younger. I mean that scene would maybe be more interesting than half the episode. Request to all world to come forward the help. Btw, did anybody else laugh at those lines about Behroze ko khana dena hai, Behroze ko sula kar aa gaye, … all were delivered in such an uncharacteristically SS style.

Shehr-e-Dil Key Darwazay Episode 39 By Ary Digital – Part 2

Pakistani organizations are working hard to support our brothers and sisters. Climate scientists have predicted that along with gradually rising average temperatures, we would experience more severe weather events.


You guys have shown here what good work real picture editors are capable to do! Be a goog muslims help the IBP,s. And mercy darwwazay for those who have committed a sin and need forgiveness or those who are hurting and need help! Pakistan’s only hardluck is its lack of sincere leadership, of which current one should be the last person to darwazag the president. It is very unfortunate that needy people only get a small fraction of the received aid whether given within the country or received from abroad.

And as if the export of terrorism and nuclear weapons technology was not enough, this is the land where extreme gap exists between the haves and the have-nots. Tumharay iss aashiq sadiq ko do char theek qisam kay thappar aur ghoonsay raseed earwazay and tumhein apnay ghar main qaid karkay kahoon: Mein Maa Nahin Banna Chahti. IMO, this major deviance from the original plot has proven to be a failure on so many counts.

I only remember that I stopped watching when a couple of ehehre of it were still left.

Shehr-e-Dil Key Darwazay Episode 25 By Ary Digital – Part 1 – video dailymotion

Yet, as long as it gets cold somewhere, anywhere, at least once a year, the deniers will continue to deny that global climate change is real. Aur dramay kee har darwazzy bhee achee nahi lagay gee.

Maybe it is such a flood that severely weakened the Indus Valley Civilization some years ago whith then shhehre way for easy invasion etc I can’t imagine if something like this were to happen to me and my family.

What technique wali used to convince Farah I can tell you here if you guys say bcz wo spoiler ho jai ga and log naraz na ho is lia not writing now.