Advanced diagnostics using the embedded Web server The advanced diagnostics feature is only available when it is possible to establish an Ethernet connection with the ACE After wiring, check the information given by the link activity LEDs when the supervisor operates. Some of the information is reserved. Use Modbus protocal functions 8 and 11, the dedicated read functions, to access the counters. Vs0 Group A — type 3: Preliminary checks Perform the following actions:

The essential information also has addresses coded from 0 to Fh so that it is compatible with older equipment. Vs0 Group B — timer hold curve 0. The serial line Modbus protocol cannot manage this type of architecture. The user is responsible for reading and following the device s operating and installation instructions before attempting to commission or maintain it. Each non-significant event word is initialized to zero. This indicator has the following states:

Ljubljana, Slovenia More information. TS Buchholz tripping Bit Sepam series 40 is totally compatible with the modbus communication standard.

The first word in the zone function code and unit number may have the following values: Sepam only increments the exchange number if new acquisition bursts are present. Number of valid broadcast frames received b CPT6: Use Modbus protocal functions 8 and 11, the dedicated read functions, to access the counters. A counter that increments each time there is a collision because carrier sense is disabled.

Once Sepam is synchronized, the time sets only by sources compatible with the synchronization. TS97 to TS Bit Please consult us for further information.

Sepam 40 serisi – Modbus Register

Reading should always begin with the first word in the address zone any other address triggers an exception reply “incorrect address”.

As a result, only messages that do not require the transmission of data by the slaves can be broadcast. Sepam configuration screen The configuration parameters will vary depending on the communication interface selected. When Logipam uses a remote-indication bit address, the bit is no longer assigned to a predefined function. Clearance for Sepam assembly and wiring. Field Slave number 43 2Bh 14 0Eh 01 or 02 02 00 00 n 0bj1 lg1 txt Sepam serie 40 protection relays for demanding applications sepam series 40 offers types of digital current or voltage protection for demanding distribution systems, each one dedicated to a single application.


To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Parameter In must be set 2 twice: Is0 set point Group B — tripping time delay Group B — types 1 and 2: The TSs may be read using the bit or word functions.

Electrical network protection sepam series 40 technical data sheet sepam series 40 and its optional modules seies unit, with various types of user. If a record is made by Sepam while the oldest record is being transferred, the oldest record is stopped. Many devices support this protocol directly with suitable interface. Some of the information is reserved. SInce the configuration and data files are adjacent, a frame may contain the edn of the configuration and the beginning of the data file of a record.

Failure to follow these instructions can result in equipment damage and unwanted shutdown of the electrical installation.

Compatibility between SFT2841 (V8.0 to V10.1) software and Schneider Modbus Serial Driver

Other functions b reading of Sepam configuration and identification b time-tagging of events synchronization via the network or externally via logic input I21time-tagging within a millisecond b remote reading of Se;am settings b remote setting of protection units b remote control of the analog output with MSA option b transfer of disturbance recording data.

This applies in particular to trademarks, model denominations, More information. TC40 Disable voltage check – Bit Core balance CTs are recommended for measuring very low fault currents provided that the earth fault current remains below 2 kA.

Functional Test If correct link operation becomes questionable: The measurement of phase currents 1 and 3 is sufficient to ensure all the phase current-based protection functions. The wires only exit from the base.


They are used only by the Logipam program, and will reset to zero if Sepam loses auxiliary power. All Rights Reserved B1 5.

For a complete description of the eeries, go to www. The configuration parameters for the physical layer of the E-LAN port are: Events should be read in a single block containing 33 words using function 3. TS91 Protection 59 unit 3 Bit ,odbus TS Thermostat tripping Bit Sepam can adapt to all synchronization pulse periods from 10 to 60 s, by 10 s steps. TS Protection 51C unit 7 capacitor step 4 Bit Time-setting of Sepam is described in the “Timetagging of events” section.

The settings are available and confirmed.

How to Read the Protection Function Setting From SEPAM 20, 40, or 80 via Modbus Communication

Failure to follow sepan instructions can affect device operation and constitute a hazard for people and property. TC38 Disable sync-check – Bit What’s in this Chapter?

For overcurrent protection b Definite time: The synchronization pulse period is determined automatically by Sepam when it is energized, based on the first two pulses received: TS Sepa Breaker synchronization failure Bit Make sure you account for traffic to the Internet. Flashing indicates that there is traffic passing to or from Sepam; it does not mean that the exchanges are valid.

Characteristics of the 4 base unit relay outputs O1, O2, O3, O4 b O1 and O2 are 2 control outputs, used by the breaking device control function for: Only the speam two records are provided. Status changes of bits 1, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13 and 14 of this word trigger the sending of a time-tagged event.