Blair Fell 2 episodes, Orange Vest Man 1 episode, Trudie Peterson 1 episode, Krystal’s Friend uncredited 2 episodes, Why you should watch The Voice, World of Dance and more! Into the Wild 07 Feb 8. Pastor McGinnis 1 episode, Businesswoman Traveler 1 episode,

Bartender 2 episodes, Art Professor uncredited 1 episode, Pizza Delivery Girl 1 episode, Female Patient 1 episode, Vampire Vicki turns the school’s Halloween haunted house into a truly terrifying experience when she can’t control her urge for blood. Luka Martin 7 episodes, Traveler uncredited 1 episode,

Meanwhile, Bonnie fears she is losing her powers, and Jeremy meets a cute girl Malese Jow who believes vampires are present in Mystic Falls.

Andie Star 5 episodes, Full Cast and Crew. Why you should watch The Voice, World of Dance and more! Edit Storyline Tyler and Caroline are back just in time to watch Klaus, whom Bonnie’s spell temporarily locked up in the Gilberts’ home while they accompany the Salvatores and Rebekah on professor Atticus Shane’s expedition to free Silas from a cave-dungeon on a desolate island off Nova Scotia.

Vicki recovers in the hospital from an attack and begins to remember what happened, but Stefan tries to prevent her from recalling what actually occurred. Malcolm 1 episode, Season 2, Episode 2 September 16, Virginia 4 episodes, Frederick 3 episodes, Seline 9 episodes, diarles Bonnie and Grams attempt to open the mysterious tomb that Damon believes has confined Katherine for the past years. Heretic uncredited 3 episodes, Teen Girl – Jessie 1 episode, Tara 1 episode, Mason Lockwood 10 episodes, Chris 1 episode, Student uncredited 2 episodes, Season 1, Episode 10 November 19, Traveler uncredited 2 episodes, Tobias Fell 1 episode, Season 4 Episode Meredith Fell 12 episodes, Meanwhile, Elena meets Damon, who reveals to her some surprising secrets about Stefan’s past; and Jeremy struggles with his feelings for Vicki.


Frat Guy 1 episode, Sully 1 episode, Meanwhile, Caroline attempts to get Damon’s medallion back from Bonnie, and Damon offers to help Sheriff Forbes, which leads to tragedy. Sloan 4 episodes, Rudy Hopkins 7 episodes, Mailman uncredited 1 episode, Edit The Vampire Diaries — Nadia 12 episodes, Meanwhile, Tyler returns to Streamijg Falls after receiving a disturbing phone call. There is no logical reason for this, considering that everyone in the group except Shane has supernatural powers vampire speed, Hunter’s physical ability, witch powers.

Chanting Traveler uncredited 1 episode, Meanwhile, a flashback to reveals how Katherine met Elijah and Klaus.

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Deputy Martinson 1 episode, Hostess 1 episode, Gabler 1 episode, Season 2, Episode 8 November 4, Stefan and Damon face a dangerous new enemy. Vampire 2 1 episode, Season 1, Episode 14 February 11, Mystery Man 1 episode, Coven Witch uncredited 1 episode, Mail Soldier 1 episode, A Star Is Born 7.

Mechanic 1 episode, Jimmy uncredited 1 episode, The revelation sends her searching for the truth. Heretic Vampire uncredited 1 episode, Traveler uncredited 1 episode, High School Student uncredited 1 episode, Mailman 1 episode,