Because of that, he does not try hard in school. So he decided to quit but then he realized that when you love something you have to go out their and go for it. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Lionel ended up trying out and he did not make it because the teacher told the coach he could not be on the team because his grades were too poor. Personal Response I liked the book Schooled. His friend want him to drop out of school and come live with him. Lionel is the main character.

I thought “Schooled” by Paul Langan was an easy, yet good read. Lionel got mad and decided to quit school to live with his friend. I can relate to Lionel about not focusing on school work. Lionel’s dad is a trucker and his mom is in the army so neither of his p “Schooled” is a book about a freshman boy named Lionel. He struggles with grades, and school in general. After a while, he got the news that his mother was coming home from the army and made him rethink all of his choices. His mom was overseas serving and his dad was always on the road struggling to just get by.

One day, Lionel has to bring a xeries to his father discussing his schooling, and how the note is saying Lionel needs extra help and how he has become a burdon in school.

He knew it was something bad, but he tried not to worry about it.

He finally tried to get his GED. Some of the content is relatable for both high school students and middle school. The book Schooled, by Paul Langan is a good book. He although Morris fouled he wasnt scared. It takes place on some basketball courts.


I’m not saying that I don’t do work in school, but I’m saying that sometimes you just don’t want to do school work, Lionel chooses not to do work but then he feel behind and now he can’t catch back up. Lionel thinks that playing basketball is going to solve all his problems. Lionel ends up getting peer pressured into drinking and gets drunk. He tells Lionel that he cannot play until he got his grades up. The day of the tryouts, Lionel has a huge assignment for english class.

He wasn’t good at school because he couldn’t read very well. One day, while Lionel is playing basketball, a group of about 5 people jump Lionel and beat him so badly he went into a coma and ended up going to the hospital, where when he finally wakes up, his dad is schoiled him crying and saying “Lionel I told you not to go eeries the courts anymore. The main character is Lionel, not the best student but a very good basketball player. Lionel couldn’t read well so he always found away around doing his homework and cooperating in class activities.

SCHOOLED BY:PAUL LANGAN by Jamichael Patton on Prezi

He was not good at reading and he was stressed about his mother being deployed in the army. I also believe that Lionel is having a hard time because his parents are never really around and theirs no one charactwrs can talk to. In this book a high school boy, Lionel, characers as though he was too stupid for school. The Bluford Series is set in Bluford High School, the fictional school all the main characters attend. There’s no backing down for Lionel Shephard, a new freshman at Bluford High.

I think the author did achieve his goal he was trying to get out bluvord his readers. Webarchive template wayback links. Trivia About Schooled Bluford His english teacher tells him that he needs to come in after school so that she can seriees him finish it. He gets startled when a man with a clip board walks into the gym and asks him what he is doing.


I think that saying at my sisters school is really good, because it’s kind of powerful to me. Lucky, his dad saved him or else he won’t have a happy life at the future.

He tried to convince Chatacters to drop out and live with him. Retrieved from ” https: I know this because there were modern day cell phones and modern day slang. This schooldd showed me how important education is, and how if you want to get somewhere in life you have to step up and earn it. Her boyfriend gets mad and gets up in Lionels face. Topics explored in the books include bullying, school violence, teenage pregnancy, divorce, peer pressure, and substance abuse.

The Bluford Series

There were a lot of gangs. He was doing great. Then started the game of one on one and Lionel was winning by one and then Steve got so mad he elbowed Lionel in the face and Steve made to baskets in a round and Lionel loss. I schooleed I could jump into the book and just tell him this because he’s not realizing what can happen to him in the long run.