Closed cast treatment of scaphoid fractures. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Such forces can fracture any of the bones in the wrist, but the scaphoid fracture seems to be particularly vulnerable. It is important to note that any pain in the wrist that does not go away within a day or two of an injury may be a sign of a fracture. Future research could include both proximal and distal pole fractures to analyze the effects of short arm casting on these fractures. Scaphoid, Fracture, Immobilization, Spica cast, Displacement. Other risk factors for the fracture not healing are:

Treatment by cast immobilization with the wrist in flexion or extension? The screw is buried deep inside the bone and remains there permanently. I was told that if I had a splint it would cause so many long term problems it would not be worth it. Given the increased accuracy of CT in detecting scaphoid fractures and assessing fracture deformity, we incorporated CT in our study to better visualize the scaphoid fracture mobility. Scaphoid fractures usually cause pain and swelling at the base of the thumb. How does a scaphoid fractures occur?

Such forces can fracture any of the bones in the wrist, but the scaphoid fracture seems to be particularly vulnerable. The mini incision technique has the advantage of less surgical dissection and, therefore, less trauma to surrounding structures.

My dad has kindly volunteered to chauffeur me until i have another xray in 10 days Posted 6 years ago. Specifically, the axial images were studied for the degree of rotation of the fracture fragments.

A survey of advice to patients given by orthopaedic surgeons, insurance companies and the police Injury, Volume 35, Issue 9, SeptemberPages V.

A transverse waist scaphoid fracture was then produced using an osteotome. Light desk duties can be started within a few days.

Failure of the bone to heal or non-union is the main complication of scaphoid fractures. The type of cast, however, did not significantly differ in the amount of prevention of angulation of the scaphoid fragments. Using six fresh frozen forearm specimens, a transverse waist scaphoid fracture was created through a dorsal approach.


In hindsight I think he was right. Fingers crossed it isnt fracutured. I have a suspected scaphoid fracture after skydiving off my bike. The time it takes for the fracture to heal varies from person to person. Management of fractured scaphoid bone. This is because of the peculiar features of the bone and its blood supply.

As above the person to make that decision is the one that saw you. If displaced however, then operative treatment is recommended.

It is important to note that any pain in the wrist that does not go away within a day or two of an driviing may be a sign of a fracture. In this case, the doctor may apply a cast or splint for a week or scaphlid.

Your ability to drive safely will be determined by numerous factors relating to your car cats as whether it is automatic or manual. Support Center Support Center. Who would have thought a little bone could be such a pain in the ass wrist Posted 6 years ago. Scaphoic fracture may take 12 weeks or longer to heal. Both types of surgery involve the placement of a bone screw, under x-ray control, across the fracture site in the scaphoid.

Alho demonstrated equivalent fracture healing rates between above- and below-elbow casting in his prospective, randomized study of scaphoid fractures [ 2 drving. Scaphoid fractures that are closer to the far end of the bone usually heal in a matter of weeks with proper protection as this part of the scaphoid bone has a good supply of blood, which is necessary for healing. He concluded that unless there was a clear lucent line, a distinct break, or step-off in the cortex, x-rays could not be relied upon for accurate diagnosis of scaphoid fracture.


Symptoms of arthritis in the wrist include: Journal List Hand v.

The possible complications include: Arthritis Scaohoid a non-union or avascular necrosis is left untreated then arthritis in the wrist tends to develop over a number of years. Received Apr 15; Accepted Jun The risk is higher for fractures that are displaced or involve the near end of the bone.

Got the all clear and just used a splint for a few weeks.

Driving with a forearm plaster cast: patients’ perspective.

Discussion Several immobilization protocols are described in the literature, ranging from long arm thumb spica casting to short arm cast without thumb extension. Therefore the distal end of the bone has a better blood supply than the proximal end. The images were reconstructed at 0. Sometimes, a steroid injection into the wrist may be required.

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Also many patients having surgery to the left hand have difficulty undoing a hand brake or changing gears. Occasionally stiffness can occur in the digits if the fingers are not moved early. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Distal pole fractures, however, heal more readily and rarely develop into nonunion [ 31415 ]. If the scaphoid is broken closer to the forearm proximal polehealing is more difficult. Wrist pain Decreased range of motion Pain and weakness during activities such as lifting or gripping Treatment is symptomatic initially.