AHHH but the trailer has guns! If you’re going to build a dramatic story around an unorthodox three- way relationship, you had better explain in more than one quick scene exactly how this relationship happened, otherwise the audience won’t know why they should care about the characters. On a slightly more positive note, the veteran actors did a fine job. There is no doubt however, that it has some great action sequences, well written dialog minus a few horrendous lines by O’s character , strong acting by a strong cast and is an all-around well-made film all the way up until it’s absolutely dreadful crash and burn of an ending. I went to see ‘Savages’ today with a friend. Their performances were mediocre at best. Stone tries to get the audience on our side when he presents the benefits of marijuana but instead it comes across as minutes of “legalize” propaganda followed by 10 minutes of renewable energy information.

Unfortunately the violence is ham- handed and boring. The narration that infests this whole movie, but especially the early scenes, is some of the worst writing I’ve ever heard. Oliver Stone what happened to you? Save yourself the aggravation and skip this movie. It felt as though the Director had a decent ending for a good film but wanted some attention so badly that he was willing to ruin his own movie to do so. I don’t think that’s her fault, but the no-nudity clause that made the sex scenes in this movie so absurd?

Taylor Klitsch was dry and brought nothing special to the role. Please don’t waste your time, energy, or 202 on this bloated, overlong, waste of talent, piece of crap.

First the characters are two dimensional. It really was not a good choice.

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I haven’t seen much else of her acting, so I can only think she can do much better than this. Unfortunately the entire film basically revolves around her and she narratesso her shortcomings are brought front and center. On a slightly more positive note, the veteran actors did a fine job. He said he was more inspired by rather than actually trying for a faithful adaption. Truly a bad, poorly written movie. The movie was truly a pathetic waste of celluloid and talent. Insulting to fans that have come to expect realistic and compelling films from Mr.


She’s not bad in smaller supporting roles like her part in The Townbut she simply cannot carry a lead.

He just has no soul, and brings absolutely nothing to his character whatsoever. The only thing even remotely eyrg of Oliver Stone’s finer works is the realistic graphic violence Platoon, Natural Born Killers.

Pot growers Ben and Chon face off against the Mexican drug cartel who kidnapped their shared girlfriend. And now, even if you haven’t seen the movie, it’ll haunt your nightmares, too. Even he’s better than Johnson, a black hole of tedium from which nothing interesting can escape.

Still can’t find their own girlfriend though, just saying.

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Subtitls are a few explosions that any high-schooler with an M could pull off in their garage, some CGI blood, and the only good subtitlws scene is so late in the movie that the audience doesn’t react. It seems that instead of making a film about a group of people who live an alternative lifestyle, Stone has created a film about alternative lifestyles featuring some people.

Which is more than I could say for the poor buggers who had to sit through this mess. I went to see ‘Savages’ today with a friend.

Elena had a well written back story as well as the bad guys, while certainly crude enough to hate were interesting enough to steal the flick. She’s meant to be sexy and 20112, but she comes across as so boundlessly stupid that no man could seriously find her attractive.

Even that isn’t the worst. Speaking of propaganda, the political and social themes in this movie are about as subtle as prison rape.

Especially when the actors portraying these characters aren’t very good to begin with. Kill everybody or run away. Travolta was surprisingly great in this film as he looked like his old self and I was pleased to see he had a larger part in the film than anticipated.


But no, instead the guys chill out, smoke pot, and have sex until the next day as if their lives aren’t in mortal danger This is extremely important, because literally the entire premise of the film hangs on their relationship.

It’s because Taylor Kitsch has no charisma. Every time her voice-over came on, I cringed. This is Oliver Stone’s low point; he can only go up from here. The plot makes sense, kind of.

The two male leads are introduced as basically “the tough guy” and the “sensitive guy”. It’s nicely shot, and the beach looked pretty. It’s telling that the best scene in the entire film was between Del Subtitls and Travolta, with none of the three lead actors anywhere to be found, and hinted at the promise this movie squandered.

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I don’t think that Stone felt entirely comfortable with what he was doing here, trying at times to be Tarantino but failing miserably. Whenever he brings her up we never see her he is always lighthearted and smiling; he might as well be discussing his golf handicap Unfortunately, their competence only served to underscore the incompetence of the younger leads. I don’t know if I should have been eating popcorn in the theater or weaving a hemp bracelet.

Language Set favourite s Login. Shane Salerno, Don Winslow Writer: Unfortunately the violence is ham- handed and boring. I won’t give anything away here but subtiles just say this ending is a problem. Their performances were mediocre at best. First off, two of the three lead characters are awful. One of them is more of a “save the universe” type guy and holds a degree in Business and Botany.