Aoi Hana ep-6 http: I actually don’t know anyone to discuss anime with That’s the basic premise of the show or at least what I gathered from it. I’m about to throw in a bunch of anime terminology at once. Wow, has it been so long since I’ve written? Where can you find special an English dubbed? There are just TOO many characters to define.

You gotta have blue hair. I found myself waiting in anticipation to see if Chiaki or Haruka will discover he’s really a boy. Therefore, he cross dresses quite well, I might add to catch Sumika’s attention. Azusa, I think thou protestith too much Naruto Shippuden http: She rejects him, but points out that neither of them will give up even after rejection. The unrequited love is a huge card played on here.

Even though, there is some shameless flirting among some towards others, this show is technically not a yuri.

You might miss some jokes referring to certain instances from Okawari. Lastly, in the reviews that I’ve already written, I discuss four main catagories: There’s also splashes of yuri thrown into the anime.

I didn’t mind “Princess Princess”, which is technically a gender-bender anime.

Anime for the Soul

Thank you for taking the time to read my Journal! I’m in a payapaya mood. While I’d like to buy all of the anime that I’ve seen, it’s obviously costly. Who can afford that?! Turning intimidating opponent enemy characters into likeable sub-characters in a span of twenty-five episodes is pretty impressive.

He goes a bit over-the-top with his confessions and scares everyone vekh.


So what’s there NOT to like about this show aside from if you hate the genres in the show that were saxameki earlier? Take your strawberry ice cream and get out of here. Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: The Movie Armitage: Sasameki Koto ep-2 http: The point of the chart is just to emphasize that although anime is broken into genres, not all shows fit cleanly into just one.

As such, Ushio ends up becoming the new student council president. I will always say, “I read this I have no proof, of course, but the manga is still on-going. My Goddess SoltyRei — Ah! The Revolution — El-Hazard: Kan’u is your typical action girl on a journey of justice.

Sasameki Koto episode 5

Irrelevant post about nothing really. Without them, there would be no Shizuma The Neuroi began destroying conventional military forces on earth. Week One was the first experiment in the Direct Action. Sora no Rpisode ep-2 http: Miracle Train ep-1 http: And basically just swoops in, picks up someone in distress, and runs off with them.

Is sasameki koto dubbed in English and if so were do you find it

This definition pretty much sums it up. Anime can be directed towards any age range, be broken into genres such as comedy, drama, sci-fi, musical, etc. Love is love to me. Kana was also adorable when she episofe overly excited and temporarily displayed cat ears. Kana, suddenly thrown into the newspaper delivery business, starts a new chapter of her life and learns that a family can come in many different shades.


Where there should have been obvious yuri moments, they were reduced to hints and teases. As they approach the end of a seemingly endless amount of photocopying, Azusa notices a spelling error. The humor is not up-in-your-face or more blunt like “Azumanga Daioh”.

Find a balance or only use one style in a proclaimed “Slice-of-Life” show. I’ve pretty much got my plate full for the next few months, so I’m not sure when I’ll start reviewing again. Even if those memories are painful, even if those memories do nothing but hurt me Some of the girls seem to have a magical upper hand while playing the game and display above human abilities against their opponents.

Episodr I’ve seen them switch those roles with one another at differing times. Code Geass ep-1 http: There’s a lot more to it, but that’s the jist.

Retrieved February 12, Ushio Sasamki is an opposite to Sumika in every sense of the word.

Sasamekikoto: Episode 5

An example of multi-colored hair and eye characters would be shown in “Sailor Moon” just to mention one. And who would want to relive that?! There is also an actual yuri couple, Yume and Yuuki.