They decide to delay their visit to the school. Saraswatichandra enquires the shopkeeper and suspects that Kumud might be in Sundarnagar. Saraswatichandra decides to go to Mumbai, the next day. Saraswatichandra seeks comfort from Dugba. Kabir notices Ghuman following him, and catches her. Jugnu takes Kumud, who is in an unconscious state, along with him. Kumud vows not to consume food, nor dance in front of the guests.

Kumud does not like the house provided by the company. But, Ela stops her son from eating the mango. Dugba enquires in the hospital regarding Saraswati’s baby. Saraswatichandra introduces Kumud to Mr. Saraswatichandra tries to convince Kumud to relocate to Mumbai, along with him. She stops Kabir from changing his t-shirt, and persuades him to have food with the family.

Sarasaatichandra, Anushka and Kusum go in search of Kabir. Later, a goon hits Danny on his head. Ghuman informs Kabir that she will kill him on his birthday.

Saraswatichandra’s play

Danny asks Ghuman to meet him. Kumud informs Prashant about her family. The police arrest Danny on finding drugs in his car. Saraswatichandra frees Kabir, but the bomb attached to Kumud’s chair gets activated. Kabir, Danny and Anushka decide to leave for Mumbai.


Kumud becomes bored at home. She becomes furious as her trip saraswatichancra Ratnanagiri gets delayed because of her passport. Kabir and Saraswatichandra search for Kumud in her school and the market. Saraswatichandra gets Sunanda’s address, and enters her house with the police. However, the officer gives a last chance to the principal. Singhania in the party.

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Saraswatichandra and Kumud recall the moments spent with each other. Danny saraswatichandrra his family that Kabir assumed that they were planning to get him married to Anushka. Saraswatichandra buys flowers for Kumud, to cheer her. Meanwhile, Kumud dives saraswatcihandra the pond in search of a pearl gifted by her father. Menaka decides to return to Dubai.

Later, the security guard exchanges the grocery, with the help of his friends. Anushka serves coffee to Kabir.

Laxminandan criticises his penchant for praying and fasting. The Desai family decides to enlighten Kabir about the importance of having a family. Ghuman pretends to care for Kusum, and apologises to saraswxtichandra on behalf of Danny.

Prashant pretends to care for Kumud. Prashant does not allow Saraswatichandra to pierce a nail into the wall.

Mr. Sharma is exposed

Danny, Vidyachatur, Guniyal and Ghuman attend the puja. Kabir provokes Danny and Kusum to fight with each other. Saraswatichandra tells Sunny that he has saraswatichandda seen Kumud’s face yet. Saraswatichandra repents for letting Kumud go out alone. Kumud calls Saraswatichandra and informs him that she is arriving at the school, along with the inspecting officer. Saraswatichandra and Kumud rush to the house, and become shocked on learning that Menaka has already left.


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Menaka enquires Ghuman about Laxminandan’s health condition. Kumud feels saraswatichandrra on learning about Saraswati’s suicide. The parents beat the school’s cook on believing that he had poisoned the food. Badi maa tends to him as he comes home wet after almost drowning in the lake.

Kumud and Kusum go to Shiv temple for ekadashi puja. Jugnu professes his love to Kumud. Nandini tries to calm Kumud.

Danny returns the property papers to Saraswatichandra. Prashant tries to mislead Kumud about Saraswatichandra.