While the sad music is playing in the background. He bends and greets them. They thinks what to do now. Episode starts with Saras feeling the presence of Kumud while his eyes are closed. Badi maa comes there and yells at kumari that your mama is not well. Saras make me fine.

They sees Saras coming out of his room with all his luggage. Saras tells he is not Selfish and he wants to say this only. Badi maa comes there and taunts kumari and tells her kumud used to prepare all the sweets when she was her age. Her mother says, no.. Last updated Mar 6, The Episode starts with Kumud riding the bicycle on the rainy street in search of the Doctor for her father. The family members have a discussion about the groom. Kusum is taking care of her father.

Saras tells her that in his childhood who saved his life, he didnt saw her face but now he realise who is She?

She sees her hand and think about Saras. Welcome, Login to your account. Kumud says if he dont want then why to forced him to eat. Kumud and all reaches the cybercafe. She asks him to come and say No directly to Vidyachatur if he has courage. He sees Kusum and says tell me. She further says that to see whether a relation works is to make a relation, she says he is afraid and she will not marry such man. She says it is because of Yash. Sign in Recover your password.


Ghuman says what have you thought I loss from you. Vidyachatur tells Kumud that you bring the doctor but you was scared.

She thinks about Ghuman words that they shall not make him remember his mother. He is different from others. He asks Saras to think what xaraswatichandra wants to ask and say to Kumud and wishes him All the best.

Saras is seen coming there. Meanwhile Kumud and Saras thinks of their FB scene together. Log In Welcome, Login to your account.

Saras sarasawtichandra the pain. Yash asks are you going back jija ji. Saras and Sunny are in the car. I did a big mistake by inviting you here and now I am telling you, you can go.

Their hands in each others hands and kumud applies haldi thing. A password will be e-mailed to you. He says I have to go.

Saraswatichandra 8th March Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Kumari asks what are you doing? They ask him whether you talk in English, he says I talk in hindi. Vidyachatur says bhabhi let him rest today, take her tomorrow. Saras and Kumud are outside now. Sign in Recover your password. He is getting irritated and he says this is happening for the first time and he will talk to him.

She doorcrashes and enters and asks for forgivesness and says my father is very ill. Actually they want to have a conversation. Kumari tells will you go and meet him if he is alone.


Saraswatichandra writes to Kumud

I am going from here. Both look at each other eyes. Vidyachatir gets emotional and says we promised with Saraswati bhabhi that everything happens according to her wish then Nandu decided to go to Dubai. He says you asked me this why I was going to dubai.

Saras in pain and Kumud also feels the pain. Kusum says if he goes then what will happen to Bapu. She says Kumud didi made this sketch before your alliance came for her. I will send Kumud here with the tea. He bows down on her knees. He says I dont keep photos. Saras somehow managers to take her father out from the fire. Saraswatichandrx scene gets marfh. Badi maa says he deserve or not we dont know.

She thinks not face but you have right be listen to my thanks. When Kumud about to leave. Saras tells her to look at him.