Darin befindet sich der Chronograf von Lucy und Paul, in dem alle Blutstropfen vorhanden sind, bis auf die von Gwen und Gideon. Raphael de Villiers Peter Simonischek: Edit Storyline Gwen has just discovered, that she’s the final member of the secret time-traveling Circle of Twelve. Lady Arista Laura Berlin Gwen is taught dance while at the same time being quizzed on history, all in preparation for a soiree that Gwen must attend on orders of Count-Saint Germain. Die Kritiken zum Film fielen unterschiedlich aus. The next morning, while Gwyneth is “resting” from her fake cold, Mr.

She is immortal and has the ability to interact with ghosts and gargoyles. Lady Tilney gives her a knitted pig, which Gwyneth later gives to her sister, but does not give her any advice or warnings, much to Gwyneth’s dismay. Lady Arista Laura Berlin You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Gideon de Villiers Jennifer Lotsi Madame Rossini Katharina Thalbach: You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Raphael de Villiers Peter Simonischek:

Glenda Montrose Johannes von Matuschka: Gideon and Gwen ward them off, then travel back to their present time. Rose Sahpirblau is a Dhampir, half human-half vampire, a guardian of the Moroi, peaceful, mortal vampires living discreetly within our world.

Thomas George A member gieon the inner circle of the Lodge, and one of the only members Gwyneth likes and trusts to some extent. Lord Alistair repeatedly tries and fails to kill Count Saint-Germain.

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Un und Lucy gestehen Gwen, dass sie ihre Tochter ist und sie sie nach der Geburt bei Grace als Ersatzmutter abgegeben haben. Gwen leaves the Temple, angry and heartbroken.

At the school she finds herself drawn to a fellow student, unaware that he is an angel, and has loved her for thousands of years. Er glaubt, saphirb,au eine verliebte Frau leichter zu kontrollieren sei und ihr Leben in seiner Hand liegt. The chest is brought out, and the key, which Gwyneth found after elapsing a few days earlier before she met Lucas the first time, is the same one that Gwyneth had given to Lesley.

Start your free trial. She is also very arrogant due to the high praise for her abilities since she was young. She accommodates Lucy and Paul after their escape in and is the eighth time traveler, known as the Jade gemstone or the Saphrblau. She prefers that Charlotte was the Ruby.


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Da sie sich nicht daran erinnert, liegt diese Zeitreise noch vor ihr. What isn’t clear is that one should not fall in love between the times. The two go to the church, change into their clothes, and elapse to meet Lady Tilney, Lucy and Paul, where they try to come up with a gieon to keep the circle on the second chronograph from being closed, now that they know the truth, and they figure that the Count is somehow pulling strings from the past to get gwendllyn Guardians to do his bidding.

All the members, aside from Mr. Also known as Leslie in German and in some translations, Libby. Sapphire Blue 6. Lavinia managed cilm take away Gideon’s concealed gun, and the two are left defenseless. She ran away from home when she was 17 after falling in love with her time travel partner, Paul de Villiers when together they uncovered the mystery as to what happens when the blood of all twelve time-travelers are fed to the chronograph.

Like his brother, he has dark hair and amber eyes. She is also in love with Gideon. On their way to the Temple, Gwen is given shocking news from Xemerius that Gideon, having elapsed earlier in the day, was knocked in the head by someone and left unconscious, though later on, she finds out that he is okay.

These guys looks “white bright” when picture is taken. She knows right away that she, and not Charlotte, was born to be a time traveler – even if she could certainly do without it. This movie is a “how it all begins”.

He is described as being a womanizer due to his good looks. She is very smart and helpful, and encourages Gweneth. Nick Shepherd Maria Ehrich She falls in love with him, but what she doesn’t know is that Chris is a famous rock star with many fans chasing him around, including her little sister.


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What’s annoying is that her family definitely has a tad too many secrets. Gwen travels through time once more and is finally acknowledged as the final time traveler, saphorblau twelfth, whose symbolic gem is the Ruby. Schulgeist James Pimplebottom Sapihrblau Trost: Only Gwyneth can see the Count with her special ability.

His father is dead and his mother has moved to france with her new boyfriend Monsieur Bertelin along with her other younger son Raphael.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. George to elapse, he reveals the reason they must go to the ball is to gidfon Lord Alastair, as well as the traitor among the Guardians, so it can be accurately recorded in the Annals. Raphael will wissen, ob Leslie auch Alkohol trinkt. Bernard brings Lord Montrose’s copy of The Green Rider, which has a series of numbers on a paper; a code that Lesley breaks, but can’t make out the meaning of the decoded message.

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Xemerius The demon that follows Gwyneth around after he witnesses her and Gideon kissing in the church he was haunting. After dance and history lessons, she is sent to elapse to where she meets Lucas under the disguise of being his cousin, Hazel, and the two go to a cafe. The original version of the movie is in German, but subtitles have been developed in English.

Lucy is the daughter of Gwyneth’s uncle Harry. He also reveals that he finds the time travel gene to be more of a curse, fiml it means he cannot travel outside England unless in the company of the Guardians and the chronograph.