Please just to remnd everyone or anyones who watched this video this video not mine anyways if you would like to watch more video like this please like and It’s always so awkward to watch the amazing cast having to ‘act’ from scripts. For example, ep 53, 58, 82 e There are “special” episodes that are heavily scripted where the cast have to make an “action” happen, like the Choi Min Soo episodes. I once attended a lesson by a reowned scriptwriter. I really hope that they don’t go down the 2d1n route. She might as well have been handed the win on a silver platter complete with fireworks.

The Monday Couple join them shortly afterwards, and we see Jong-kook fight off both guests on his own. Heh, looks like you chose the wrong Dorothy to mess with. It’s why it’s remain popular all this years. I started to stop watching Running Man for the games and such. The car plunger part was probably worth noting because that was the only time YJM actually felt he was having fun. That’s how I view the show. Here full video link:

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RM can feel awfully scripted at times, it’s like night and day between RM and ‘Dad where are we going? That will be the most stupid thing to do in your show. You’re probably right that they need completely new ideas or a new variety show. Maybe he will get better Haha also trolled a male guest in epit was really funny at first but it shouldn’t be overdone like what he did here too.

Again, in these comments and in other forums, very loose usage of the word “scripted. Episodes by LollyPip. Really liked this week’s guests primarily, TOP. TOP is not suited to be in variety, he is too quiet pls watch his previous guest appearance.

We drop into the magical land of Oz just over the rainbow this week as a runninng Dorothy and her Oppa try to find their way back home. He just really looked like he was getting to have dub and for that I can take the occasional obviously rigged episode.


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He offers TOP a chance to return home with his dongsaeng if he eliminates Jae-moon. But this one needs go too. I like it that Ji Suk Jin is the main character and he looks like he enjoyed his character but overall this episode is bland. Frankly I felt at the end the entire show was a filler for the baseball guy episode, so I felt even more that I had totaly wasted an hour in watching. It is simply not worth it. And the extended preview It’s scripted in the sense that a the cast are playing a character that may or may not be real to their real life situations.

Omniscient Interfering View Episode 42 11 hrs ago. She didnt have to play the individual nametag ripping game until the final moment. Ji Suk Jin played such a big role for it. This time, Jae-moon is faster but gets caught up with episoxe car door again.

In other words, members and production team have to find ways that guests always there in finale round, and one of them has to win the game, or at least be in the winning team.

No matter how ridiculous, obvious, faked, staged, scripted things, can be seen. Was that cut in favour of the 10 min intro to the baseball player? This runmxnclub would be the first absolute worst in RM.

This concept is fresh, but I thought it can be done better.

Thank you for the review, hope the next episode will be better. The quality of the show has really dipped in recent months, but it’s really sad to see such a great show deteriorate and hit such new low. Blatant guest preference here.


I once attended a lesson by a reowned scriptwriter. I remember one fpisode episode where Yoo Jae Suk won for the Hiders team and they didn’t even show how he won. I’m wondering if eepisode people who think Running Man has gone down hill, maybe it’s because the novelty of the show has worn off for them and that is why they aren’t getting much entertainment from it? Unfortunately for him, the bomb explodes in his hands.

I’m shocked that his face looks extremely botoxed in this episode. This episode of wizard of oz is so promising but I was not impressed.

People Looking For Laughter Episode 170

This one was one of my favorites after 1N2D’s season one. I’d feel very bad for Suk Jin if this was considered his special episode, because all he did was cackle like a villain, separated from the rest of his cast members.

Or just show his face while listing facts, like this! However, the one bad part about this episode was I was looking forward to being impressed. Dude, this show is so heavily scripted, esp when you have weekly guests and you need to make sure that your guests stay with you and hang around the cameras till the last second of the show.

I haven’t seen any good episode in such a long time. He wins all of Running Man!