Instead, this drama dives deeply into standard rom-com myths and blows them apart. Thanks for the recap. Park ha you finally grew up and splashed Se na with water Yi Gak disapproves and starts to take it off, but she says that dating couples wear matching rings, and he relents. I like that the CEO knows that Se-na is indeed her daughter, but appears disappointed by said daughter’s behavior instead of going along with whatever Se-na wanted. He tells Park-ha what this means: Park-ha takes a leisurely walk through a neighborhood, smiling at the sights, like the schoolyard chalk murals.

In the mean time, feel free to leave a comment below about your favorite dramas! Or should I say power-walking, with full-on butt-wiggle. Jung Suk Won Supporting Cast. The story is really good, with unexpected twists all through this latest one is really intriguing and exciting. Still my weekly obsession this series. Ivoire May 10, at 7:

When I correspond with people here, we usually keep writing under each other’s answers until it gets to be too long and then when we switch to another page, we make sure that we let the other person know on what page our answer is page dramwload of the answer.

KPips them in nurse’s and med’s clothes, didn’t make you chuckle?? Lorem ipsum dolor sit 155, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

Rooftop Prince

When Tae-mu lands in Seoul, Tae-yong is transferred from the plane to an ambulance. I hope you enjoy it. That is really kind of you. Yi Gak screeches into a parking garage and pulls up in front of two hospital employees… who are Yong-sool and Chi-san in disguise.


I don’t even want to divulge my email here. What I do know is that when he get back from the future and find out that it was in fact Bu Yong that died, he’s gonna be more PO than when he started.

Rooftop Prince Episode 15

To nutshell the article or cherry-pick the bit that interested me regarding this drama: So since we both watch Rooftop Prince on viki, look at the post I created call Yi Gak’s favorite meal, under fan zone. Jung-Suk is an arrogant, but popular instructor and Shin-Ib is a rookie instructor. Forgot to answer your last question: Which I think says good things about the actor. sun

I don’t really know, but it definitely must be Bu Yong’s body, also because during a scene in the first episode we can see the Joseon body in the water almost touching hand with Tae Yong’s hand, so there must be a connection!

In the mean time, feel 115 to leave a comment below about your favorite dramas!

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Hi Ladyjumong, Are you the one who was offering the Park Ha candy: Park-ha finishes her secretarial errands, with Yi Gak tagging along, and stops at a street vendor for wish-granting rings. And I don’t remember any mention by him or anyone else about him actually looking at the body when it was brought back.

Download the latest version here. Also, interesting that you live in O. Background of the drama is set around a private institute for people preparing for their civil service examinations in Noryangjin, Seoul, South Korea. Yes, cheers pfince double splash. Last time when mom was in an accident and this time when she was left hangin for breakfast.


I mean from Tae-mu’s perception, it sure is creepy! Hi Bajing, just out of curiosity, why was Chi San’s embroidery so significant?

Episode 6 by Helcat. Well, I guess that IS his specialty. You can click any link and find the right episode you are elisode for. I know I’ve to write to encourage u to keep up ur great job and to tell u we the Rooftop Prince fanatics r so grateful to u!!!

Plus, when she gets hungry, she also gets violent. I don’t think so. That’s why people are speculating the body perhaps being Park Ha. Not gonna lie, I had worried whether this drama had enough plot left in it to carry us to twenty episodes without some major slowdowns and running around in circles.

Dramas-Subeng: Coffee Prince

I say slap the chicky! Ra On and Young keep running into each other as she starts to work as a eunuch.

Jung Suk Won Supporting Cast. I just can’t wait to see what happens to the baddies. Hi, I am so sorry: I did visit the page ep. What if their personalities switch with each other? Select an option Broken Link Video out of sync Fpisode video.