I lived through this and it just makes me happy. Everything about airborne represents me. Released in the U. Making Media in Motion Thursday, February 7th, It’s funny at times, but a nice show about Teenage life. Use the HTML below. Chris Conrad as Jack. I don’t like speech.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Wiley’s house, the restaurant, double date scenes, and some of the races scenes are from these locations. One person found this helpful. And good thing it was, too, because without all those people meeting at that time blading probably would have been a very different creature all together. All the usual beats are hit in this one. Anyway my point is that Airborne is and will always be the rollerbladers anthem. Write a customer review.

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Is “Airborne” about rollerblading? Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. DVD Dec 17, “Please retry”.

I rllerblading through this and it just makes me happy. Literally a burned copy as if someone burned it from their home computer onto a DVD-R and had a printed label slapped on it.

Retrieved June 30, I am more bugged by the movies made in Canada that try to pass themselves as U. The New York Times Company. With no idea how much the producers and director of Airborne knew about rollerblading, they managed to either: One person ro,lerblading this helpful. Jack Black as Augie. Or possibly inline skating.

The New York Times. Cean Heidt as Supervisor. Shane McDermott as Mitchell. If you don’t go into this movie with overly high expectations, but just go with the flow, this movie can be very enjoyable. This will not play on most DVD players sold in the U. Mitchell does well in the game and though he doesn’t fight back against Blane when he attacks him, he embarrasses him by pulling down his pants; this endears a change of heart from his teammates. Mitchell then goes to school and gets on the bad side the high school hockey players.


It’s a realistic tale about how teenagers cope with peer pressure and how to overcome it in a round about way.

Mitchell inadvertently scores a goal for the preps, cementing his disdain by the hockey players, and in particular Jack, who proceeds to tackle Mitchell while still on the ice, concussing him and leaving him unconscious for what appears to be rollerbllading.

Sam Cooper gollerblading on Matt Ford: And then it kind of became this cult classic. And since this conflict of Mitch vs. I hope Mitchell eventually made his way here to O’ahu and surfed our waves!

Man With a Rollerbllading. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It’s funny at times, but a nice show about Teenage life. Even though I don’t care for the sport.

Remember This: 1993 movie ‘Airborne’ wasn’t exactly deep, but it showed off Cincinnati beautifully

Released in the U. There are better movies out there but for some reason i really like this one. M music video, there are two dudes in Wu wear on rollerblades on the crane shot at the end outside the projects, anyone know who where these Wu-affiliated shoalin hustlers shredders? Issue 24 Excerpt Friday, January 4th, Skaters from all over the country tried out for the movie.


Auburn years, for helping me discover Airborne for the first time. Over the course of the next few weeks, Mitchell and Wiley are harassed relentlessly, but one bright spot comes in the form of a girl named Nikki Powellwho Mitchell falls in love with, and she seems to reciprocate. The main guy gets aiborne little annoying due to his surf speak rollerbllading comes off a little strong here and there but there is some sunlight in the form of Seth Green and Jack Black.

Snake, Augie, the Banduccis, and the rest of the hockey team, with the notable exception of Jack, solicit Mitchell’s help and rollerblading expertise in a race down a harrowing street route termed Devil’s Backbone against the preps to settle their score once and for all.

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I was dazzled with the familiar sights and my kids enjoyed seeing me get excited about it. Benny – Wednesday, September 18th, Winterclash Part 3: David Betances as Mark Banducci. Was there a popular Cincinnati street hockey scene then? I based my whole shit on being an hybrid of Mitch and The Wu-Tang clan, painfully so. It’s aitborne much a remake of ‘Footloose’, except with skating instead of dancing as the gimmick.