Not only does Hetty realize that her friend and former rival, Muriel Stacey was interested in Clive, but Simon learns that Hetty was not interested in bidding on him after all. Janet and Abigail agree that from now on, they will be the best of friends. Aunt Lillian paints a beautiful, yet unrealistic, picture of life in Boston. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Alec extended Felix’s work at the farm to include fixing the fences, which put strain on Felix’s work schedule at the hotel. Hetty decides to take her in. In the wake of the cannery fire, Jasper and Olivia decide to leave Avonlea, which vexes Hetty.

I don’t think so, that is the weird thing. What are your thoughts about this series? Fists fly, lessons are learned and fences are mended between the siblings. Bored with everyday life, the King cousins decide to create their own newspaper. The family is welcomed, but their lively and enthusiastic ways are a little too much for the simple folk of Avonlea. Sara decides that she should have some say into what happens to her own life.

There is great anticipation amongst the family of treasures in the chest, but they find primarily moth eaten wedding mementos. Marilla makes up a tale which ends up coming true, to her chagrin, for now the gossips will have much more to say about the tarnish on her honest reputation.

Unfortunately, things don’t turn out as she had planned. When Janet’s sister Abigail and her husband Malcolm return to Avonlea, tension increases in the King family. Olivia, working as a reporter for the Chronicle, and temporarily acting as editor, is hard put to defend herself for the column mix-up.

Their friendship becomes more important to both of them, and they are able to make peace with each other. In the wake of the cannery fire, Jasper and Olivia decide to leave Avonlea, which vexes Hetty. Felix was able to win the island spelling bee, despite the fact that he lost the stone.


Marilyn LightstoneBruce Greenwood. Business Aspirations Felix had ambitions of running a successful business, which would often lead to disaster. In a shocking scene, Felicity removes Gus’s ring and accepts Stuart’s engagement ring! When the King family purchases a new horse, Felix King convinces Alec King to let him take over care of their elderly horse, Blackie.

After a misunderstanding, Alec informs Simon that Hetty will bid on him. David FoxMarilyn Lightstone. Inthe seeds of a budding relationship were planted between Izzy and Felix when she bid on him at the 1st annual bachelor auction.

Marilyn LightstoneKay Tremblay. Sara’s life is placed in danger and it is Uncle Alec who saves the day. Misunderstanding ensues as Avonlea prepares for the first Annual Bachelor Auction.

Incident at Vernon River

Meanwhile, Olivia, who has been badmouthed by Hetty for frittering away her life, applies for a job writing for the Avonlea District Chronicle newspaper. Izzy Pettibone Zachary Ansley It is unknown if Duncan is eppisode to him. Madeline KahnKate Lynch.

Felix is astounded and pleasantly surprised to find that Izzy has been invited to dinner. Alec is less than enthusiastic about this, as he plans to leave the farm to Felix. Felix starts to grow very fond of Mr. Add Image S7, Ep2. When a carnival visits, Davey falls under the spell of the beautiful sideshow mermaid, Melusina, but soon realizes something fishy is going on with the double-dealing owner and his no-good chums.

InIzzy, who was nearly 16, made plans to tp with her Aunt Lilian in Boston.

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Olivia King and Jasper Dale are only a week away from their wedding day when Hetty King decides to take over. He takes in strange guests from the overcrowded Wghite Sands, perturbing his sisters. Chef Pierre’s niece also arrives in fepix, who takes an interest in Gus.


Upon arriving avonla the school, Felicity begins to tell more lies than she can count. After he breaks Dora’s doll, he gets picked on at school. Soon the story gets around town and keeps getting bigger and bigger. Olivia and Jasper are expecting their first baby! This causes old woman Lloyd to spring out of the door and the cousins to run away, but Sara falls and is caught. Andrew Gillies, Wayne Robson. But the manager of the hotel refuses to send the Duke an invitation and no one knows why.

I guess there is no sense in wishing things ab With the business in shambles, Izzy helped Felix sell izzj foxes and they were able to break even 6.

Add Image S7, Ep9.

Felicity is sure she will win best costume as she does every year. Instead, Sara decides to visit the fortune teller, who claims to communicate with the deceased.

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Dora and Davey Keith come to live at Green Gables, with Marilla, a distant relative, after their parents die. Mark these words together with picture at top of this post until you arrive at “Ah Jasper Dale returns from England to find that Olivia has taken in poverty stricken cannery worker Lottie Cooper and her baby girl. It is wise Great Aunt Eliza who realizes why Janet is feeling unwell; it is announced that the family will soon have a new baby.

He runs home, and apologizes to Marilla. It’s funny you should mention Dowton Abbey, Alex. Davey Keith is fascinated with the mermaid and it’s this fascination that saves the town’s money!