Victoria finds out that Charlotte is pregnant with Declan’s baby. Driver 1 episode, Ciara Hanna TV by the Numbera. Bizzy Preston 1 episode, Tim DeKay Victoria discovers that Conrad’s father has died and expects to be given his fortune. Reporter 1 episode, JuJu Chang Marta 4 episodes, Retrieved November 24,

Amanda, after having a nightmare where Charlotte has Victoria’s heart donated anonymously to replace Amanda’s wounded heart, admits she’ll never be able to fully forget about Victoria and the consequences of her search for revenge. Jennifer Foley 1 episode, Tessa Munro Insurance Adjuster 1 episode, EMT 1 episode, Jay Jackson Judge Elizabeth Blackwell 2 episodes, Jack takes the fall so they arrest him. Flashback Reporter 1 episode, Salvator Xuereb After Charlotte discovers Gideon in bed with another woman, she attempts to take her own life and is found by Emily on the roof of a hotel.

Fred Harris 1 episode, Clare Carey The Graysons devise a plan to dispose of Helen’s body without the Initiative figuring out Victoria killed her. Daniel surprises her by saying he already figured that Victoria had meddled.

Jessica Roche 2 episodes, Ashley Davenport 46 episodes, Barry Sloane Waiter uncredited 1 episode, Emily makes it out, but Amanda gets hurt in the explosion. Connie Bales 1 episode, John Billingsley When that fails, she slips him information about Refenge United, a business Daniel intends x37 buying, because she knows that is the Initiative’s plan for Daniel and she is scared for him.

Rachel Fisk 1 episode, Kendall Clement Model uncredited 1 episode, Barnett O’Hara Mason Treadwell 11 episodes, JR Bourne Rohan Kamath 1 episode, Gloria Votsis Gabriel Mann as Nolan Ross. Sergei Lvovsky 1 episode, Wes Perkins 1 episode, As David makes a return to the Hamptons the two women fight to position him against the other.


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Views Read Edit View history. Jack’s romance with ‘Amanda’ continues to blossom as word of her presence spreads throughout the Hamptons.

Waiter uncredited 1 episode, Paul Shaplin Retrieved May 3, After saying he won’t help Jack with his legal issues, Conrad agrees to help in order to improve his public name as he is considering running for public office. Victoria’s worst nightmare comes true when she finds herself alone in her life.

Buchanan 1 episode, Lucinda Jenney Donna 1 episode, Rod McCary Matt Duncan 3 episodes, Retrieved December 10, Retrieved from ” https: Manager 1 episode, Ken Lally Officer Jim Mostrowski 2 episodes, Allen uncredited 1 episode, Katie Eischen She has already disabled security cameras and has them blindfold themselves.

Padma tells the Initiative she wants proof that her father is alive, before continuing to help them.

Emily steps up the hunt to find information and search for the white-haired man who killed her father in prison. After hearing that no survivors have been found, Charlotte calls Declan to tell him, but he yells that he will never speak to her again before angrily hanging up the phone.

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Rebenge in Swimsuit uncredited 1 episode, Lobster Customer uncredited 1 episode, Forest Baker Eddie Solomon 1 episode, Retrieved September 22, Protester uncredited 1 episode, Drew Fonteiro She was permanently separated from him and never saw him again. He’s also continuing to claim a sizable interest in Nolan’s company.


Revengf May 10, Karine Vanasse 1 episode, Stephen Dunlevy Lydia Davis 16 episodes, Justin Hartley After overhearing how Conrad treats Eeason, Jack tells her what he has been doing; she wants to help. Revenge TV series episodes Lists of American drama television series episodes. Emily’s blossoming relationships threaten to jeopardize her plan to take down the federal prosecutor who convicted her father; Victoria’s suspicions about Emily increase after she uncovers a connection to Conrad’s mistress Lydia; and Emily’s friend Ashley finds herself attracted to Daniel’s college friend, unaware that he has an agenda of his own.

Roger Halsted 1 episode, Joaquim de Almeida Retrieved April 21, Retrieved January 19, Doug Reid 1 aeason, Nicole Pulliam Zahir Lahari 1 episode, Daniel grows more and more suspicious of Emily’s intentions, until finally he shows up at her house, possibly with consequences due to his ankle bracelet.