Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. The voice is really an unusual voice to use for narration in a drama. Meanwhile, Yong wakes up, all thawed and defrosted ready for consumption! It is revealed that there is another target, and if Byun Shik stumbles even once in his duties, he will also be done away with. I want one too! Very obvious foreshadowing of the next 19 episodes, where the girl just runs around the boy, would you say?

The nobles drag him out to nowhere again and throw him into a hunting pit. Awww — Yong is ready to fight the giant man for the match. Meta [Happily never after] 49 days of still bitter by Guest Beanie. Of course, money always comes first. Shi Hoo flashes back to time when he was small. Follows the pattern of sagueks, though, what with insurmountable odds and a crapload of conspiracy.

Wol-hee is one tree stump.

Unfortunately, in getting away from the new guards, Yong drops the fabric and runs off. Cause the mother and child reunion is only a motion a-way” How can you do o to me, drama?!!!! Um, hello, pot calling kettle. Bong Soon is so quirky and alive, as opposed to Eun Chae the perfect goddess. Javabeans, the thing I talked you about? I think it does improve, much like HGD, remember the first few eps?

Byun Shik rounds on his son, and tells him to shut up, in obvious displeasure. I do find it interesting that Gu seems to regard Iljimse with affection, but he also sees him more as a concept than a person.

As can be seen, the return of his memories renders Yong more mature and intelligent. Shi Hoo looks pretty, and angsts. Retrieved March 29, Shi Hoo here is almost put in the position of Hong Gil Dong — capable but illegitimate, the best he can hope for is a quiet life in the military. Clueless is caught and used to frame the very people who helped him that afternoon. Although I figured she did, since she was in the bed sleeping in day light.


Shi Wan, in some random casino, is getting his ass handed to him by the other gamblers. Of course he manages to untie himself, hands, feet and arms, to see that SS was still up lf and pause, all in one breath. Views Read Edit View history. Episodes by odilettante. I look forward to watching this drama as the story unfolds. But not only is this an awakening on one level childhood into adulthoodit coincides with a few other developments to make it a twofold or threefold awakening.

But SS dude is killing him anyway.

Iljimae Episode 3&4 General Recap

She is killed by the nobles. So let me reword this.

Furious and worried, Swe Dol starts to charge at the noble, demanding him to return his child. Dani is pulled out. With a heavy heart, he returns to his native land and unleashes his anger upon the ruling class to fight injustice and tyranny for the sake of the commoners. It’s so poignant and well-executed. Love him as an actor and a singer.

As the officers pass a particular ginseng patch, one ginseng picker looks up from her crops — Baek-mae. Hopefully, all the background stuff has been established, and we can get on to seeing Iljimae becoming the hero instead of always being the victim. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The ministers from yesterday come to get their records, but since the place burnt down, they get a sum total of nothing.

Meta [Happily never after] 49 days of still bitter by Guest Beanie. Please enter your username or email address. Romance Is a Bonus Book: When Gu Ja-myung hears of the trouble, he understands that Iljimae must be reacting out of great mental shock and orders his men to bring Iljimae to his home. And I like how the fact that Iljimae was raised by foreign customs was treated.


We have the intro of the horrible iron mask. Agree with most of the comments but this episode and the general tone is too somber for me and accidentally seeing the preview of the following episode is spoiling it too.

His mother and sister come and see him. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Then, we also have his growing awareness of the female sex. I may as well. He cuts Iljimae loose and they hurry onboard.

Iljimae Episode 3, recap | Sevenses

But Baek-mae falls out of the hug, slumping over. Your email address will not be published. He stops in a courtyard full of plum trees. Officer Gu questions Iljimae, who asks to be let rscap to meet his father. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. We see, in rapid succession: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here And, something about him is just so darn sexy.

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I love to watch this drama with English subs.