That is why he used Yoon Joo. Even though they were spotted eating together, Yoon-joo knows that it happened all because of Se-kyung. Min Hyuk gets up and tells Yoon Joo to speak privately with him. Money and love can exist together. Seung Jo is so happy but Se Kyung is forlorn and subdued. Dong-wook confirms to Seung-jo that Se-kyung is present, and when he sees her, he gets another panic attack. Dong-wook agrees — a love without truth has no future. Moko January 7, at 1:

What should she do? He is really BAD. To an outsider, he is a man of poise, of confidence, of success. Do you really want to keep going down this path? And plus, how she can come clean now? After seeing episode 10 properly with subs, I have much more sympathy for her, too.

Even Yoon Joo is telling her how impossible and stupid that prospect is. Then he can use his innocence properly to help the person cheongsamdong likes this time around. I hear you both, sistah! I root for them—but only in principle.

Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 8 Recap

As to the reference of Seung-Jo to being the mad hatter. Or is Yoon Joo, the one now regretting her past, the real one since we are not certain what she’ll do once she learns of Se Kyung’s White Rabbit. Thanks for the recap, kaedejun! Even if I kindof hope they won’t be spinning ’round in circles with the ‘will she tell him or won’t she’ question forever. A manipulative Candy who knows what she needs to do in order to get what she wants is somehow feels more real to me than that Candy I used to read in manga or watch in any other dramas – you know, the Candy who still has a heart of gold even after people throws stuffs at her?


Se Kyung watches the video Seung Jo recorded of his confrontation with his dad after returning to Korea.

To me, not even Tommy Hong is really evil. Neither is good, but neither are they something very horrible. If the objective was to get him to like her, she already did that, right?

Se Kyung is nervous while Tommy continues to observe her. Seung Jo grumbles that he even made reservations at the crepe restaurant. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I’m sorry to hear it. The reality is ugly and therefore ignored. She looks bloated a bit A fast-forward might be the only way they could show that playing out. If Se-kyung had jumped into his arms after he admitted the truth, he would have been more suspicious. I also believe that se kyung is being such a typical gold digger. When she got married in France, her husband was none other than Cha Seung-jo. Seeing how Yoon-joo’s life has changed compared to her own, Se-kyung decides to do exactly the same thing: I’m so happy we have a complicated character like Yoon-joo, and not some annoying third-wheel ex-girlfriend.

Seung Jo agrees and episde sit down to eat at a nice restaurant.

I wonder how far she is willing to take it even though she is beginning to feel plagued by guilt. I, too, found my cheobgdamdong for SK teetering after ep.


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Though I’d also beritta that all these motivations are so tangled together it might be arguing over millimeters. I noticed the change from last episode to this one and I think it reflects well on the job they’re doing balancing Se-kyung’s dip into badness. Identity is proving to be very fluid in this drama. Doesnt he have a biz to cheoongdamdong I’m starting not to like Se Kyung She should not listen to much to AJ who is also kind of irritated me in this episode.

In his defense, he says he only picked her up, and she drank with someone else. Unfortunately, she left her phone behind, and it is now in his possession.

That many rich people in one place, there had to be bodyguards and security. Yes, I am an ‘all in’ KDrama lover. Tommy and Se Kyung arrive at the airport and rush towards the gate where Seung Jo is currently waiting to go through customs. I loved reading your insights and everyone else’s thoughts.