In this article, you will learn about supported and unsupported video formats and how you can stream them using your Chromecast media player. Any third party product names and trademarks used in this website are property of their respective owners. Reasons to choose free 5KPlayer over Chromecast: Feature Requests, Feedback And Suggestions. Bsplayer won’t work with Nero filters requesting MP4 support. Player android app exclusively for displaying my movies stored on Seagate Wireless Plus portable hard drive.

Feature Requests, Feedback And Suggestions. Download this free Chromecast alternative now and you won’t spend any money to buy the additional video stream Chromecast Apps. And I am not sure whether the BS Player crew even wanted to do anything like that at all, because their strength is to display a movie on the mobile device, not to stream its content somewhere else. Sound is good with the video when playing on the Android phone with BS. Also, you must have the latest app installed and be on the same network as your Chromecast digital media player. Player android app exclusively for displaying my movies stored on Seagate Wireless Plus portable hard drive.

You should ensure that your mobile device is connected to your Wi-Fi and not your mobile network. Step 2 When your Chromecast digital media player is securely connected to your TV, you will see the Chromecast Home screen with your Wi-Fi name at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3 Select the instruction below that is applicable to your computer.

DLNA ist mostly uninteresting because of its severe limitations to only a few video and sound protocol combinations. The thing, available through Amazon. Simply do the math, why bother? Add Thread to del. I just have no sound, no matter what I do. Step 2 Download the Chromecast app to your computer. The Comparison of the 3 Methods for Streaming Supported Videos The following chart provides a list of requirements for streaming supported videos using a computer, YouTube and a mobile device.


That leaves the perhaps most interesting protocol, the proprietary EZCast, which does what I wanted—it streams a video file to the display via Wi-Fi or via Wi-Fi Direct.

Chromecast support – Page 2 – Official forums

Reasons to choose free 5KPlayer over Chromecast:. Ad Management plugin by RedTyger. I don’t know if this might be of any help to you though. Reasons to choose free 5KPlayer over Chromecast: You will need to open the folder, run the application, and then select the Chromecast device.

I cooud bsplayer full version 1. Do you maybe know if it is hard to add subtitles to casting video’s, haven’t seen these video player apps which support it. It is most commonly used to store video and audio files. Only mp3, ogg, aac sound is supported by Chromecast. They send a firmware update about once a month to their adapters, and they are approachable in their support forum, although their support front is not composed of excellent English speakers.

You can play various multimedia content, but only Google Cast supported formats can be streamed directly. As there is no suggested answer to my question, I have downloaded a player that works, RealPlayer Cloud.

Method 1 – Connect with your Mobile device To stream videos using your mobile device, you will need to download and open the Chromecast app on your Chromeccast or iOS smartphone or tablet using Google Play or the App store.

Adicoto, the mp4 files have Subtitlex audio. BS Player displays a movie on a mobile device screen, while an app that wanted to stream a local movie from a file to a realplwyer device would be quite a different animal. Videostream for Chromecast is an extension for the Chrome web browser that allows you to stream local media from PC to Chromecast. Remember, you’ve read it here first, and I don’t reserve any rights for these names. Bsplayer won’t work with Nero filters requesting MP4 support.

I bought it just for this option! Attached Images strange battery indication.


I was very happy learning the news from this forum that from this summer BS Player is capable of sending video signal to Chromecast. In this way, you can not only use your mobile device as a remote control of your big-screen TV but also display content to your TV from your Chrome Web browser based computer. Contact Us – Official BS. Is there a workaround?

Feature Requests, Feedback And Suggestions. And by achieving video stream Chromecast from mobile device to TV, video streaming Chromecast App takes very significant role and here we today are going to review the best 3 video stream Chromecast Apps!

Best Video Stream Chromecast Apps for PC/Mac

But if you want to set up playlist or add subtitle and some extra features, you need to update to Videostream Chromecast Premium. Top 4 new Chromecast alternative: Rickv Junior Member BS. Is there a chance to add the above mentioned function later on?

Only mp3, ogg, aac sound are supported by Chromecast. It allows you to stream TV shows, movies, and music videos with any video format to your TV.

How to Stream Any Video Format to Google Chromecast

The following information provides a brief introduction of supported and unsupported formats. It looks like a different product though. Or it would have to talk to the EZCast people and join their fray if they allowed outsiders to use their protocol. Hi, I have just tested this new feature on my Nexus 5 and it works very good, great job! MOV — MOV is a multimedia file format that contains one and more tracks of data, such as audio, video or text.