In addition, Seo Kang Jun will now shed his maknae image as the youngest male in the house, as Jackson will be taking over the role. Check out a fancam of the song below, and stay tuned for the official release! GOT7 ‘punished’ with embarrassing old videos This should be the new go-to punishment on “Weekly Idol” from now on! At the restaurant, Seo Kang Joon tried to order two servings for the two people, but Jackson corrected him, ordering three. I was so happy at the big roars! Where did Yugyeom who was playing mischievously gone after coming into the fan signing event hall? How do we look? Previous Next Show Grid.

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GOT7 JackMark/Jark (Jackson ღ Mark) – Give It 2 U

Prev 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 Next Page 28 of GOT7 love being silly pranksters so let’s take a look at some of their funniest pranks! Posted October 5, I don’t remember saw any fan taken pictures or videos of them at that time. The one day of the year when shb can be forgiven for being pranksters. Youngjae has worn boyfriend-style today. The amazing part was seeing all the fans from different groups doing their fan chant!

The single will be released in three different versions.

Something sad had happened? Follow You are now following GOT7. There’s more than 5. Am I cute with my bangs down? Which BTS member are you? Wondering who my roommate will be? Add and Subtract Eoisode.


Do our fans agree?

VVKookies: [LINK] GOT7 Videos With English Sub Part 1

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Am I handsome like Jr.? Check out a fancam of the song below, and stay tuned for the official release! Where did Yugyeom who was playing mischievously gone after cwmera into the fan signing event hall?

got7 ghost prank legendado pt br – ฟรีวิดีโอออนไลน์ – ดูทีวีออนไลน์ – คลิปวิดีโอฟรี – THVideos

Posted September 16, Because it’s so interesting to see him interact in Thai with his other members. How have you been for the last week? But why is Jr. This is cutie BamBam!

Youngjae’s reaction is absolutely hilarious as he freaks out thinking it’s real! It’s said with a younger roommate, Seo Kang Jun will be showing sides of himself that we haven’t seen before as a hyung, while Jackson will leave all the roommates of the share house in laughs with his hilarious actions and words. During their three-day visit, the members proved their popularity, as they epsiode able to gather thousands camra fans at every one of their schedules.

Man who tried to hijack Dubai-bound flight shot dead. Previous Next Show Grid. I like that they perfomed at Open Concert because people in many generation can see them. He did in fact guess correctly but instead of money, Jackson hands over a fake cockroach. Android Download app iOS Download ccamera. Unsuspecting maknae Yugyeom had no idea hodden he was to blame but still offered to pay half it’s price. Great Oscar-worthy acting by the older members!


Reports stated that the vehicle carrying JB and two other JYPE staff was trying to switch into the third lane due to a parked car in the fourth lane.

Little did the boys know there was a ghost hiding under their table. By KimAigels Started April 22, Oh, so dog and Jackson together are from this video. The two are appearing on channel SBS’ ‘Roommate’ together, and the photos go7 the two guys showing charming looks together.

I will practice that too! How many GOT7 songs can you find? Did it fit well with us?

7 of the best GOT7 pranks

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The GOT7 members pretend to start arguing after an expensive wine bottle broke during one of their photoshoots.

Our leader is different! Posted September 22, The members of GOT7 visited Thailand for the first time since their debut on September 25, ahead of their album release. Yugyeom got his epiwode revenge with some tricks up his sleeve to prank leader JB not once, not twice, but four times!

This should be the new go-to punishment on “Weekly Idol” from now on! What are you guys doing?