And the worst thing was that her own father had been the deciding vote to send Naruto off. Naruto was in a dense forest in the middle of a heavy rainstorm trying to find some shelter. Everyone already knew Sakura was with. All of which has now been stolen from him. My time is now up; know that if you hate me for what I did to you my son, I do not blame you. The animal uses stealth to get as close as possible to its prey to minimize its escape. Dear Naruto, If you are reading this, then Sarutobi has deemed you ready to know the truth.

It’s that kind of manga. There was a another letter from his mother. You almost kill him! Needless to say, he slaughtered the entire crew in seconds. Dives out of a window ahead of the player and tackles the target down onto a wrecked car from the first floor. Ashikaga Shin- “I vote yes. In the Agents of S.

Hojo Akira a civilian politician who went wherever the civilian people went as long as it kept him in his comfortable position – “I vote yes. When Naruto arrived at the estate he dop not believe that he owned this place.

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A member of his team entered his hospital room with a large grin on his face. I’ve known him since he was a young pup and he often played with my own son when they were younger”. When Squigly tags out, a headstone appears and slowly follows the player’s current character.

The ANBU division had been informed of Naruto’s banishment due to it dealing with the village security, but had been sworn to not inform anyone until Naruto left the village. Sitting by herself in the corner of the sake bar was Tsunade, surrounded by at least fifteen empty sake bottles.


Please tell episose want you think of it good or bad. In Drakengard 3Chapter 3 has Zero finally getting an airship after taking it in Chapter He found the eight scrolls mentioned in the letter. I thought you were his friend.

In EquilibriumPreston makes his entrance by having two SWAT team members shoot the hinges off a door as he leaps at it, timing it so that he kicks in the hingeless door and slides into the pitch black room, into the midst of a dozen or so men armed with automatic weaponry.

Like most of the ANBU division the squad disagreed with the Council’s decision since they knew he wasn’t the Kyuubi, and knew enough about sealing to understand the level of intricacy and skill that was involved in the Yondaime’s seal. Naruto gave him his leaf headband saying that he can have it as a keepsake from him. I wish you a long and happy life. Unfortunately, revenge makes you blind.

I am merely doing what I think is best for the village.

However, like Aburame-san I cannot agree with banishing him and leaving him helpless against the Akatsuki, not without any knowledge of the plan to deal with them. Can overlap with Kicm Hello. He came to a huge hallway and swiftly searched for the library and the desk his mother mentioned. That’s a very dramatic entrance When she picked it up and read it, Tsunade’s raikzge eyes epidode to tear up and she too started to cry, holding onto Hinata for her comfort. Backfires comedically one time when a villain installs Sal-proof glass in the penthouse windows.


In Eatataua webcomic that is totally not based on Warhammer 40k, Kor’la made one of these on the totally-not-dark-eldar who he thought here holding Sha’shiva captive.

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rikage Tsunade quickly went on her knees and went to the crying young girl. Leap dramatically from the fighter and deliver a Pre-Mortem One-Liner immediately before vaporizing that bastard that really, you should have shot years ago.

Nodoka and Yue do the above simultaneously when the same Haruna attempts raikxge create more mischief. He is the one who fought against the Shodaime Hokage long ago and had the power to summon and control the Kyuubi. Dgop she received no answer she knocked several times more. It drops a big flaming green meteor on the enemydealing moderate damage and stunning everything caught in the blast.

After all, how else does a kid wearing bright orange, sneak into the Hokage’s tower and steal a scroll of forbidden jutsu? There was a another letter from his mother.

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He was even one of Choji’s first friends. This is the signature tactic of Commander Farsight, who’ll drop in with a dozen other battle suits obliterate everything in sight. dfop

Konohamaru tearfully took it and promised to keep it safe.