Raakhi starts to brainwash all family members, at the same time Aarthi’s mother comes to Surya’s house to talk regarding Aarthi’s matter and Aarthi’s mother supports Aarthi in front of Surya and his family. Ravi informs his family about what happened in the police station, he also tells that Surya needs to get bail from the court to come out of the prison. Aarthi remembers Surya’s previous comments and explains her feelings to her mother. Vedika apologizes for her mistake in front of all family members. What will be Aarthi’s future now? Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 09,

Click here to login. Watch ahead and know what happens next. Vedika’s grandmother informs Vedika that she will arrange a grand reception for her. Surya and Arti go in a romantic mood, to remember the past days, which they had spent on the same spot. Watch ahead to know what happens next? Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 10, Overview Punar Vivaha is a Kannada romantic drama television series.

How will the families convince them? Surya’s mother tells him to send his daughter to the boarding school but he doesn’t agree for that.

Raki, as Gayatri criticizes her for hanging out with Arun, begins to criticize her in return. More Videos of Punar Vivaha. Surya’s mother tells to family members to go home and solve the matter.

Vedika asks her husband’s permission to go to see her mother. Watch ahead to know what happens in next episode?


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Doctor tells to take Vedika in front Parimala in order to cure him. Surya takes Rakhi with him and comes to his home.

Santosh’s lawyer pressurizes Surya and his brother Ravi in the court to accept Santosh as their brother-in-law. Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 02, Punar Vivaha – Episodes Ravi informs his family about what happened in the police station, he also tells that Surya needs to get bail from the court to come out of the prison. Surya and Bhaskara feel happy, when Epizode excuses them, after seeing them being together again.

Aarthi informs to her mother about Surya and Aarthi’s mother feels happy. Ravi defends Surya in Court as his lawyer. Parimala waits ppunar Vedika at home. While Aarti is a divorcee, Surya is a widower. Will Vedika meet her mother?

Punar Vivaha

Later, Arun, being in Gayatri’s family, tries to get in with everyone in the family, by impressing them with his skills, in order to accomplish his goals. Vedika tells her situation to her father and tells that she will come to the hospital 4155 her husband otherwise her husband will get angry.

Surya’s daughter Sakshi becomes close to Arpita and gives her a name ‘Appi’.


Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 19, Whatch ahead to know what happens next? Further, Vedika enters into the shrine and takes the mangalsutra secretly. Later, Gayatri requests Surya to stop Raki from leaving home.

Punar Vivaha – Episode – May 28, Surya gets shocked seeing a written complaint against him given by Vedika. Santosha proves that Vedika is his wife. Meanwhile, Arjun starts to harass Vedika by asking the reason for her injury. In court Surya meets Vedika and talks to her. Punar Vivaha – Episode – May 23, Punar Vivaha – Episode – May 27, Later, Vedika gets emotional and cries, when Surya encourages her to face the problems all by herself.

Arti flees, as she feels upset listening to Parimala. Further, Parimala and Raki see Arun going secretly. In the police station Vedika tells that she is injured because of Surya, then Police inspector puts Surya behind the bars.

Aarthi’s son Aadi gets disturbed in school because of Surya’s behaviour. Now what will happen with Surya? Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 03,