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Ah, I also thought immediately about Chinatown , but Gus ‘s quote didn’t match that well, but together with the previous sentence that the OP left out, didn’t see this season myself, yet it is pretty obvious. As the murders are solved, Shawn realizes his father is in danger. Just before they enter that room, Shawn starts walking incredibly slowly to give the illusion of slow-mo camera work How can I possibly thank you for this one? On another note, it’s shameful that IMDb failed to credit her for her work in the first Santabarbaratown. Karen Vick Corbin Bernsen For Santabarbaratow episode, following are the references mentioned by IMDb. The last name of the murder victim, Veronica Towne, comes from the man who wrote the screenplay for Chinatown, Robert Towne.

It seams like this is what they were doing here.

“Psych” Santabarbaratown (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Buzz McNab Tom Pickett There a couple of Chinatown references, including the episode’s title. Get down on your knees. The mysteries are mostly engaging enough to care about who did it but not care so much that you focus on that and miss out on the snappy dialogue or visual gags. At the end of the finale of Psych season 6, called “Santabarbaratown”Gus and Shawn have an exchange wherein Shawn says, referring to Dahlia Twon, “his sister, his girlfriend, his girlfriend, his sister”to which Gus responds, ” Hightly unlikely that one, let alone two Canadian local news outlets would be covering this case.

So, on one hand we do have some nice reference cameos that work as that but also work within the episode, but then on the other hand we have William Shatner, Molly Ringwald and a few others who make an impact with their name or reference, but really don’t do much within the episode as an actor or character. She’s my sister and my daughter,” spoken by Dunaway Maybe you might want to include the characteristic Chinatown quote the one matching Gus as an additional argument and move the mentioning of the title from the comments into the answer.


Share this Rating Title: User Reviews Season 6: Lawson gives an enjoyable light performance — I epispde worried that the relationship aspect of her character would be too big and a negative impact but the writers keep it very soft and always a side-issue for the pxych part and, when they do use it, they use it for comic tension which both Roday and Lawson do well.

Juliet O’Hara Kirsten Nelson Was this review helpful to you? The supporting cast continue to be strong too; Omundson is funny and has got his character and timing down pat.

Generally the episodes are of a consistent quality and produce several laughs as well as an enjoyable sense of light, self-referential humour that always carries the show along. I only wish she had shown up in a couple more episodes. Coroner Woody Strode Sage Brocklebank Burton Guster Timothy Omundson Watch the scene on YouTube In santabarbraatown to “Forget it, Jake, it’s Chinatown,” another line of the film’s dialogue that has become famous is “She’s my daughter.

Edit Storyline Arriving at a crime scene with a dead body, Shawn sees another victim that he connects to an unsolved case of his father’s from 20 years ago. Henry Spencer Max Gail So why couldn’t you get him?


“Psych” Santabarbaratown (TV Episode ) – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb

Just before they enter that room, Shawn starts walking incredibly slowly to give the illusion of slow-mo camera work In addition to “Forget it, Jake, it’s Chinatown,” another line of the film’s dialogue that has become famous is “She’s my daughter.

Shawn refers to Gus as the “candy man,” and he replies, epusode make the world taste good.

Search for ” Santabarbaratown ” on Amazon. Nothing will stop Shawn from going after the ex-cop who shot his father. Jerry Carp Skyler Gisondo Fortunately they are in swntabarbaratown minority but again it does give the impression of the writers working harder to make the show work, and perhaps they cannot always hit their marks as well as they would like.

This is the same in some of the episodes where it did feel like it was working a little harder than it has seemed to in the past, and it did rather limit how fun and free-flowing it felt.

What film or TV show is being referenced in Psych episode Santabarbaratown? Audible Download Audio Books. Neither seem to be “real” television stations – but more importantly, the “C” is used for call signs assigned to Canada.