If just the episode is longer so we can feel more of the romance, I’m sure I’ll love this drama more! Just then, they get a message from Tae-joon, who asks them for a favor…. Im just waiting for subtittles to download this, I hope someone subs it soon. She really can pull off any kind of acting. I have seen her in several places and I cant wait for her to get older and take leads in longer and more in depth series. Realizing the implications, they both immediately head back to school.

Hye-ri realizes she dropped her trendy new bracelets while fixing up that laxative-laced drink, and she heads back to the building to search for it. Gom August 28, at 8: Every Gaksital episode leaves me exhausted emotionally and mentally my heart hasn’t even healed yet because of episode 6 and 7. That night Hyun-woo slips out of his dorm room, this time in Irene disguise. And I was amazed with the guy acting as a girl; he indeed looks like a girl and a pretty one. Tae-joon figuring out she was the patient who sang at the hospital.

It was cute, sweet and romantic drama.

Kim Sun Woong

It just sounds so cute and right up my inner teenager alley. Gom August 29, at So cute, you dense puppy boy. Taegurin a mashup of their names. With the clock ticking and his car stuck in traffic, Hyun-woo urges hyung to drive faster to make it in dtama.

A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Is anyone subbing this? I kinda wish the drama could have been tad bit longer, not your typical episode, but, maybe 8 to 10 episodes. We are sure he isn’t an actual girl cross-dressing, right?


Raven August 28, at I don’t really understand why some of these feel the need to inject these real life not-so-nice bits into our fluff, but I guess that gives it more weight?

The guy acted as a girl to get into the school he wanted to attend to. They send Geu-rim a congratulatory text and invite her to a celebratory party.

Then she peers between her fingers to sneak a look at all the pretty, glistening in slow-motion, soft-filtered backlighting.

That is a long story, so he just asks her to keep the secret. I enjoy this mini drama a lot. So does the lurking paparazzo, for that matter. Aw, do you feel like an ass now? So, the girl thought he abandoned her.

Thanks again for recapping! They reluctantly join forces to prevent the Tae-joon—Irene couple dance. I mean a light romantic comedy without wonog much evil charakters!? Though short, I really want to be able to watch this more than a lot of series out right now.

She adds another condition — so tiny, so sassy — that since the situation is going to inconvenience her life, Hyun-woo has to do everything she says. She happens to be much more committed to protecting the secret, but on the downside, much less good at it. This just shows how romance can be accomplished with good directing and actors even with the restrictions of the censors.


I think we may get a hint of the Tae-joon liking Geu-rim storyline; the sick scene hinted, so I can hope. Anyway Girls, anyone know how can i download the song somewhere over the rainbow that Kim Soo Hyun sang in this drama? She and Irene are roommates in which Irene is a pretty female CF star. That has Tackle fuming, and they get to work strategizing.

But Irene is actually a boy and his actual name is Hyun Woo.

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The scene where he has a fever and she helps him up and then he rests his sweaty head on her shoulder; and the hug after the pool rescue.

Im just waiting for subtittles to download this, I hope someone subs it soon.

The show continues with its frothy-light campus hijinks, and now our heroine finds herself entangled in this lie as well.

Thank you for the drma This show is too adorable. I find this drama has more chemistry between the two teens than most of the adult kdramas that I’ve seen as yet: