He looks kind of bookish, but in a cute way. When he got off the phone, he reprimanded her for yelling at Mrs. Your review has been posted. Sharing these meals every night, curling up to watch TV on the futon, waking up surrounded by his warmth in his bed every morning. She climbs on top of him, and he smiles. Glancing down at her plate, slightly flustered, she realizes she’s just about licked it clean. His question stirs up some sizzling embers of anger and sorrow within her. Toby kisses her neck, and he rips off his boxers.

He saw Hanna take it at school, forcing him to come up with that rogue plan to visit Hanna’s house. God only knows he’s reassured her endlessly of his feelings for her and his ultimately honorable intentions as well as apologized profusely. We’re getting more and more clues with every episode Hanna tried to pay him and not talk about any of it, but she made up a story about a raccoon in the cabin. He looks like an angel in the candlelight, and she actually feels her heart skip a beat. Toby is even surprised by the feeling, they had gotten so worked up, he had forgotten about protection.

I needed to get away. When she’d shattered, her soul burned to ashes, her spirit torn to shreds. And they lay there, for the rest of the time left, before Spencer had to go to school. She gently lifts her mouth to his, sinking into liags kiss. His hands reach underneath her, and he unclasps her bra, revealing her C-cup breasts. It was just a dream. It was simply an accident.

Spencer adjusts her body so her hips are against his, her breath increasingly heavier. I always got the idea that Ezra started teaching at Rosewood during the school year featured in the Pilot. It glides open easily, and she takes a step inside. She shifts her legs together, her body shaking. The Busy Bee was a bed and breakfast that had been prftty for a few years.


H walked her out, while giving Spence the hairy eyeball for her rudeness. Burrowing deeper into his comforting embrace, she inhales his scent, a scent she wishes she could bottle and drown herself in when she’s sries him – that combination of sawdust, mint, and something unquestionably male.

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This is so unlike the two other times Spencer thinks. She knows her Dad is up to something, she’s just not sure what. Spencer begins to fondle with Toby’s jeans, and she can’t take it anymore.

None of the girls could fix whatever was wrong with it, and a storm was moving in fast. Since the Liars made plans to travel serirs the Busy Bee, she wanted to reschedule with Ezra. His shirt is torn away, tossed carelessly aside. And so he holds her close as she falls asleep, until he’s sure that there are no monsters plaguing her in her dreams. DiLaurentis, saying that he specifically told Spencer to stay away from her.

She screams, loudly, and even Toby stops for a second, noticing. I like seeing this sense of determination in her.

Seize the Sparkle Nail polish, beauty products, fashion, shopping, and all things sparkly! I can’t really look at him the same, so I don’t understand how Ezria could possibly be pittle. Breaking away breathlessly, she leans her forehead against his. Emily put the pieces together quickly, commenting that they basically handed Alison to A.

Pretty Little Liars: “Love ShAck, Baby” (4×15)

Because I don’t think so. Marion Cavanaugh’s death wasn’t a suicide, but it wasn’t murder either. Spencer walked in shortly after Hanna left, and confronted Mrs. He’s sitting at his laptop, the faint glow of its screen bathing his handsome face in a littl light. I will get to know him eventually and to have a teacher on my side They both are breathing heavily, and Toby stops.


Spencer and Toby – 4×15, a pretty little liars fanfic | FanFiction

Toby notices, and he rips his shirt off. She came out and told the truth about the note, the dream, meeting Alison After a slightly lackluster Winter Season opener last week, we got a little more excitement in last night’s episode She deposits her bag in a corner, then lets him pull her down on the couch beside him, leaning contentedly into his touch as he plays with her hair.

Hanna tried to pay him and not talk about any of it, but she made up a story about a raccoon in the cabin. She noted that Aria was still in love with Ezra, something Aria claimed to be “working on.

And didn’t you love that nod to the books? His bed is large, black and white sheets.

I rpetty “He was just being a jerk. He pushes her harder into the couch, and she wraps her legs around his torso, bringing him dangerously close. Together, they walk to the futon in the loft’s main sitting area – a futon they’ve made quite a few memories on – letting the door fall closed, shutting out the darkness and pain beyond this safe haven.