Rather than fake an interview, here are a bunch of questions that I get asked a lot by readers in e-mail messages. The story line rambled a bit, and sometimes felt a little choppy. I think I have an issue getting through the first chapter in any Moore book, save Lamb. Although this is a short book, you will find yourself introduced to more characters than seems possible, and wonder how on Earth this litany of characters will intertwine and affect the story by the end of it all. I am looking forward to even more Moore. It was just so flippin’ funny I couldn’t put it down! It got better later on, but it was an off-putting start.

I would never be able to get my own work done if I read all of the manuscripts that people need to send me. La verdad es que es una novela algo rara, pero tiene partes desternillantes donde destaca el humor negro y macabro marca del autor. Moore’s novels typically involve conflicted everyman characters suddenly struggling through supernatural or extraordinary circumstances. Now, with that said it’s also good to note that Moore often writes from the perspective of a pervy, lewd man sinking into her geriatrics unwillingly, so this isn’t for someone who is easily offended by the thoughts I know all honest people probably have. Then it seems to come under control as the characters start to meet or their story’s begin to flow into each other. Oct 10, TC rated it liked it Shelves: If you laughed when Monty Python white bunny appeared in Monty Python and the Holy Grail then there is something for you here. I read the first chapter and almost gave the book up as a lost cause, but a stressful day had me reaching into my bag for it and I’m glad I finished it.

A lot of characters and different plot lines were introduced in rapid succession, and everything seemed too random. Return to Book Page. The story line rambled a bit, and sometimes felt a little choppy. Practical Demonkeeping, by Christopher Moore.

His characters are always diverse, interesting things, and often times display attributes true to people I’ve known. Lovecraft go to a Frank Capra movie It’s a wonderful life.

Over the course of the story we find out that the stranger a man named Travis is trying to rid himself of Catch, while at the same time Catch is trying to rid himself of his master Travis. His mlvie novelit deals with a demon from Hell and his master.


It was just so flippin’ funny I couldn’t put it down! Now, Lamb is being taught in a number of seminaries of different denominations, so I guess it must have resonated with the right people, and the people who would have condemned it seemed to have had good enough judgment not to read it.

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It would be safe to think of most of Moore’s books as R rated cartoons in text form, sometimes slipping into the NC catagory or higher! The fictional town of Pine Cove is described as being within easy driving distance of San Luis Obispo, Californiaand seems to be modeled after the town of Cambria, California. His opuses Lamb and A Dirty Job are still years away but Practical Demonkeeping is as weird and funny as any Practical Demonkeeping was Christopher Moore’s first novel and even being his debut, it has all of the fun that I expect from the best author of humorous fiction alive.

Later, Lamb took over as favorite, but this one is still fondly remembered. Anyone with a sense of humor! A young man, Travis, conjurs a demon on accident while cleaning the accolyte candles at a Catholic church.

This was my first Chistopher Moore book. The journey is a fun practixal and you have the opportunity to meet several very real characters along the way.


I did rewrite some of the beginning of Love Nun and Coyote Blue because the main characters were sort of harsh. I won’t spoil it but, I do want to see where the characters go from here.

It isn’t the masterpiece that is Lamb: He was just starting out, dfmonkeeping in a way it was really enouraging to read something that lacked the finesse and wit of his later novels. I marked this read because I read most of it. When I was HumorfictionabsurdistHorrorcomic fantasy.


Mivie the term I’m searching for. Paperbackpages. If you read this, be sure to read Lamb, which is one of the best books I’ve ever read.


More now than I used to, but I never get final say. It took me until my early thirties before anyone would actually pay me to write. This was exactly what I came to expect from a book by Christopher Moore: If I wrote anything else about that that particular issue, it would be a spoiler. Not everyone got what they deserved. How about some other authors that influenced you? Just don’t go in thinking it is a Christopher Moore classic!

Unfortunately, both of those haven fallen in the middle of the road.

This is a great story, has an interesting plot, and has very memorable characters. Coyote Blue is much better than Practical Demonkeeping. Goodreads helps you practcal track of books you want to read. This book his hilarious and fun and wonderful and ridiculous. Dec 30, Marvin rated it really liked it Shelves: Usually from something I read. Moore has an easy to read, yet very witty and sarcastic writing style.

The plot also required one chapter of long exposition to fill in backstory. The story line rambled a bit, and sometimes felt a demonkeepimg This was my first Chistopher Moore book. There is more than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.

I should stop paying attention to how a book is labelled on Goodreads or elsewhere. Most of my comic stuff is demonkeepijg Twitter. May 30, Madeleine rated it liked it Shelves: You could actually see the talent there, demonkeepint it gave one a certain sense of satisfaction knowing that later he demojkeeping his shit together and ironed out all the problems.

Quotes from Practical Demonke The demon sounds just like Cookie Monster and that alone kept me laughing through this one. This copy is signed by Christopher Moore. Practical Demonkeeping was Christopher Moore’s first novel and even being his debut, it has all of the fun that I expect from the best author of humorous fiction alive. There are parts that will make you laugh out loud.