Toshifumi Yoshida Localization Producer: The Clubsplosion semifinals rage on. Masafumi Mima Cgi Director: She contemplates about who the pen belongs to. However, they instead find a roaming Beartic that might have once been Chris’s Cubchoo. They retaliate and send it flying into the mountain.

They end the battle. Robson Kumode as Marlon. Timburr and Pikachu join the battle. She calls out Timburr and they battle it out with her getting caught and tied up. All while the S-Class Connoisseur Fauxgundy watches, but they believe they have seen her somewhere before. Bianca and her father agree that if she loses she will end her journey and go home. Jeremy Perkins Theme Song Performance: Emolga uses Attract on Palpitoad, making him fall in love with her.

Dstinies gets agitated with Snivy and wants to battle it first thing tomorrow. The come upon a dead end with ancient writing written of the wall. They have a fierce battle and in the end Snivy wins.

Deluxe Spain dub; eps Tecnison, S. Cristina Vee as Layla ep Artur Kaczmarski as Pokedex. Meanwhile Minccino and Pikachu are brought to the Galvantula’s nest where a buch of Joltik are hungry for electricity.

The gang find Linda and the gang and they begin to battle. Renata Berger as Boy ep Damian ep Up next is Roggenrola and it starts off with Sandstorm.

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Celia de Diego as Amor Spain dub; eps This week brings us no big bombs They hand back the wigs much to Emolga’s displeasure. Meanwhile the professor says the left one shouldn’t be crossed either.


Eileen Stevens as Iris. Isshu Saidai no Episodw Katsuyoshi Kanemura Chief Animation Director: Cassandra Morris as Gemma ep Unfortunately for Ash, the Gym in Opelucid City is closed.

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Gerhard Acktun as Mauzi. They abruptly depart from the gang and their journey continues to Driftveil Dunbed. Michiyoshi Minamisawa Takeshi Nishina. They offer to help him out at the daycare for a while until ;okemon and Axew find a shy Deino. Even though he missed his chance to recreate the photo, Robert thanks Ash for helping him.

Pansage is taken out by Thundurus and Tornadus and they soon battle each other sending Air Slash and Discharge at each other.

Pokémon: Black and White: Rival Destinies (TV)

Their lunch is interrupted when Nurse Joy tells him that a Gigalith is rampaging in the festival. Ash, Iris, and Cilan, after finding out that the winner gets to ring the bell atop Mistralton Tower and get a wish granted, decide to compete in the festival. The gang discover that something suspicious is going on and along with the Professor, head out to investigate. Claus Rydskov Production Assistant: Like the recent Banana Fish anime, it takes characters from an ‘ Upon arriving in Undella Town, Cynthia leads the gang to her villa where Dawn and Piplup are waiting for them.


In the finals, Stephan and Sawk face Montgomery and Throh. They flee to check on the monument of Tornadus only to find that the wedge which is needed to fulfill its role has been destroyed.

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Beata Cieslak Sussie Horn. They stop to think about how they are going to enter the Durant’s den, and to be able to rescue Axew. Pages using deprecated image syntax Pokdmon television season articles that use the season name parameter Articles containing Japanese-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January Articles with Japanese-language external links. Season 2 episodes continue through the subsequent international season BW: Dawn has come to Unova to perfect her Edstinies skills, and Cilan decides to have a Tasting Battle to see exactly what she can do.

The Lost World of Gothitelle! Snivy uses one attack after the other successfully taking out Palpitoad. It immediately attacks the gang, starting off with Hurricane then followed by Air Slash knocking down rivl trees.