Bianca says that desserts should have fluffy whipped cream, a decoration of elegance and grace, and a topping of a sweet chocolate coating. They get up and wonder where they are, as several white eyes peer through the woods. The Patrat are very upset about losing their apples, as Emolga sits nearby eating them and grins. They are frightened by the peering white eyes. The Prince Of Tennis. Baka and Test – Summon the Beasts. Iris says that it’s true that Emolga saved them, but she didn’t want to end up in the situation that they are in now.

The Swoobat use Round again and Pikachu hits them with Thunderbolt, as Ash and his friends finally arrive to help Iris and the others. Emolga pretends to fall from the tree, and that it’s hurt from falling. Emolga’s Attract breaks through to surround Minccino, but Oshawott pushes him away and takes the attack instead to become infatuated. Bianca complains that apples aren’t true dessert, saying that chocolate is. Cilan has a plate of apples to give to them, as Emolga notices the apples. The Swoobat look at them with angry faces, as Emolga swoops down to use Attract on them to make them infatuated, but only some of the Swoobat are affected.

Emolgaa are frightened by the peering white eyes. Suddenly, Emolga appears and jumps into Iris’s arms. Meanwhile Cilan notices that they’ve gone down to the bottom of the mountain and deep into the forest.

The Swoobat look at them with angry faces, as Emolga swoops down to use Attract on them to make them infatuated, but only some of the Swoobat are affected. The infatuated Patrat gives Emolga the apple.

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However, she accidentally makes one way too strong, creating a big wave in the lake that splashes a nearby Swoobat. The two Patrat give Emolga the apples, episodf Emolga holds and keeps them in its mouth. The Rise of Darkrai! Iris says that it was too much. Suddenly, Oshawott appears again and prepares to defend Emolga. Bianca says that they are not going to wait for them at the top of the mountain, and that she’ll catch Emolga no matter what.


Iris captures an Emolga. Minccino tries to go after Emolga with Tickle, but it uses Discharge to hit everyone. A Patrat checks on Emolga, as it uses Attract to make the Patrat infatuated. Minccino wipes the dust off its body after being hit by the attack.

After eating lunch, everyone compliments Cilan on the meal that he made. Further into the forest, the see a tree shaking and Bianca is sure that it’s an Emolga this time. Bianca is biting a napkin and is upset to see Iris catching Emolga, as she emolha surprised that Iris isn’t battling her. Pikachu 25 Type Electric Abilities Static. Pikachu hides behind a bush, and Ash and his friends hide behind trees, as the Scolipede passes them by. Emolga sends three orbs pooemon Hidden Power to create shock waves in front of the Swoobat.

They end up in the middle of the woods.

Ash tells her that she should just give up, as she says that she’ll catch her no matter what and that she won’t give up that easily. Special Thanks to Gaylen50 for writing these for us.

Pokemon S14E24 Emolga the Irresistable – video dailymotion

Meanwhile, Iris and Axew have taken off separately to track down Emolga—and end up tumbling down a steep hill into a Swoobat nest! Bianca says they should ignore it, but Ash and Cilan realize that it’s Emolga’s Discharge instead. Vowing to catch Emolga at all costs, Bianca attempts to battle it emolgaa her Minccino. Iris, Ash, and Cilan also go after them. Please remember to follow the manual of style and code of conduct at all times.


Emolga runs off, as the three Patrat break out emolgz Attract and are shocked to find that their apples are gone.

Ash comments that they barely were able to escape. Emolga then uses Attract on the Swoobat and Excadrill by accidentbut the female Swoobat are unaffected.

Minccino uses Hyper Voice with everyone covering their ears. Create Account Forgot Password. Iris tosses Axew an apple, but it rolls away with Axew chasing after pokemn. Ash says that he has had enough of the Discharge attack.

Pokemon S14E24 Emolga the Irresistable

Bianca tries to grab Emolga, but she jumps onto a different rock to get away from her. Ash and Cilan catch up, and Ash suggests that Bianca should give up, but she refuses, so the trio continue to search.

Later, AshIrisCilanand Biancath is revealed to be traveling with the group on their journey to Nimbasa Cityare just finishing lunch as Iris brings in some apples for the group for dessert. Iris remembers that it doesn’t work on episodee females. Still determined to catch Emolga, Bianca is searching the forest, disturbing a powerful Scolipede and an angry Galvantula in the process.

She pretends to be exhausted and uses Attract to swindle the Patrat of their apples.

Emolga the Irresistible!

Iris and Axew celebrate that they have an Emolga now. Emolga and the New Volt Switch!

Ash and Cilan have finally caught up with Bianca again. Ash says that Emolga likes her so Iris decides to catch her. Report Inappropriate Screen Name Your request could not be completed.