Would you like to merge this question into it? The best website for pokemon videos. Sparks Fly for Magnemite Oct 21, There is only 13 episodes to each currently existing season. Wow, the milf actually went out of Pallet Town. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Ash captures Muk and Pikachu is cured of his cold.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Jesus, people, at least give it a month when you actually SEE more of them to make proper judgment. Princess Jul 09, Seth , Jan 27, Ash seems to look younger than last time? They have the first 11 seasons, not sure about the movies. That was fairly nice, pokemon stays true to itself doesn’t try to hard to change.

Ditto’s Mysterious Mansion Dec 09, I hope they’ll keep this kind of mood in the series and not get all too bright The Purr-fect Hero Jul 09, The Pi-Kahuna Oct 22, Where can you watch when they cry higurashi e nglish dubbed all episodes?

That, or we’re witnessing alternate scenarios like in the Japanese visual novels.

D and the milf too. Do you already have an account?

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The best place to watch is this http: It is not just you. Or you could also try GoodAnime.


Battle Aboard the St. Now I can live those days all over again besides having to get up at 7am for school. Bye, Bye Butterfree Aug 19, P The new pokemon are quite cheap looking; bland, familiar, as if production are running out of ideas. Damn he is short. Who Gets to Keep Epiwode Look at all the episodes!

Shared 29 Facebook Twitter. MagmortarJan 31, Bad to the Bone! It’s already out on YouTube, though in Japanese unsubbed.

Pokemon black and white episode 29 part 1

Where can you watch naruto dub episodes? The Battle of the Badge Sep 17, I was watching season 5 of the series when they went down on Monday.

No idea about this. An ok opening episode for this new series.

Where can I find a safe place to watch Pokemon besides youtube?

There is only 13 episodes aninecrazy each currently existing season. That just is not true at all. The link below is were you can watch all the Pokemon anime episodes from the first season to the latest episode, and all the Pokemon Movies ever made: Anne Jul 08, Conbined with the fact that I have watched this series on and off for twelve years, I think it’s safe to say the ‘Ash is in a coma’ theory was indeed correct.


But if I could change something about this ep, for one, the mystry pokemon could have just appeared and start streaming lightning and picahu would defend Ash, his mom and Oak, weaken pickachu that way, would have made more sense without putting so much emphesis on making people ponder what the legendary pokemon wanted.

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The Misty Mermaid Sep 03, The Battling Eevee Brothers Apr 16, Either way, having the milf along was quite a nice addition. The troll subs made this anime times more barable than it actually is! Primeape Goes Bananas Sep 16, The Legend of Dratini Nov 25, Where epiosde you watch all season 1 Pokemon episodes?