After greeting Krokorok, Krokorok saids that it followed the gang. Pikachu and Krokorok battle and Krokorok loses. In the morning, the Deerling licks Ash, wanting to go somewhere to take a picture. Ash almost falls off a cliff, but then Cameron saves his life. Meanwhile, suspicious activity is building on Milos Island. Chili soon follows and asks Pansear for another chance. Clay freaks out calling Ash an unfair battler.

He performs an Accelguard kick but lands on the pavement. Iris is up first against Georgia, with Iris’s newly captured Dragonite being pitted up against Georgia’s Beartic. After Trip’s match against Alder, the Junior Cup draws to a close and the contestants bid each other farewell. Cilan calls Cress who claims Chili ran away after contemplating why Chili lost gym battles one after another. Pidove go after Ash trying to get to the food, and Ash plays keep away with the Ducklett’s food. It turns out they have both escaped the inexperienced Day Care Nurse, Layla. Linda decides to check out the Vanillite freight truck and the storehouse it is parked by. They have a fierce battle and in the end Snivy wins.

Continuing to Driftveil City, Ash and Cilan decide to have a practice battle. However, Bianca’s father shows up, having come to end Bianca’s ppkemon and take her home but, she refuses to go. Pansear gets angry at Chili,Chili gets angry at Pansear and Pansear runs away. Add to My Shows. Meanwhile the professor says the left one shouldn’t be crossed either.


Zebstrika uses Double Kick which misses as well. They proceed back to the Bouffalant to heal it while it notices that they don’t have any afro wigs. They proceed through the Darumaka cave first and hit a dead end and plkemon is erected behind them.

Ash shows that he has won his fourth Gym Badge, but Trip shows that he has five Badges. More of them appear, the group sheltering inside the coffins. Meanwhile Ash and the gang head to Driftveil Gym to challenge Clay, but he refuses claiming he has no Revival Herbs and he will not battle Ash unless he receives more. At first, Ridley assumes Ash is associated with the thieves, but this turns out not to be the case.

They decide to wait together for its trainer to come. Iris runs into an injure Bouffalant. Glenn realizes that winning isn’t everything and the three become great friends again. Then There Were Three!! Ash spots an Axew with a bllack on her tail, and they take her with them upon realizing that it has lost its trainer.

One Deino and Ash’s Scraggy were headbutting each other for practice. Bianca calls out Shelmet, while Professor Juniper calls out Karrablast. There is a difference, however, in their scheduling: They are a perfect match. Iris and Cilan meet up with Professor Juniper.

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Diamond and Pearl DP: They refuse, of course, promising to stick together and make sure Deino gets home safely. Try to whitelist our email address anr sharetv.


Oshawott tries to use Razor Shell but gets hit with Sludge Bomb first. Ash proceeds to pick it up but Cedric stops him and warn him of the potential a very deadly trap leading thhe give him his third piece of advice, keep danger at a moderate level.

The Lonely Deino!

Dfino meanwhile was fixing the fence that the Deino broke. Excavalier protects Accelgor and starts to listen to Bianca. The Den of Durant!! Iris calls out Excadrill to use Metal Swipe. Buffalon is a NO!! You are ahite logged out. A Bouffalant sees that and starts charging after Axew.

They proceed through the Krokorok cave next and the walls begin to close on them. Shawn gets mad at Glenn and refuses to hang out with him. Palpitoad uses Supersonic, but it misses due to Emolga’s Acrobatics.