However, the battle is brought to an early end when two Deino show up and cause disruption. Scare at the Litwick Mansion! Oshawott uses Water Gun on the field to suppress the Sand Storm and flush his eyes out. They battle it out with Tepig winning the battle and Scraggy staying with Ash. The group meets up with Dragon Buster Georgia who has a Vanilluxe now. Emolga finishes the match with Aerial Ace. They get angry at each other and fight. The day ends with a gorgeous rainbow lit in the sky.

The Bloom Is on Axew! They try their move on the ground and prove they are out of sync. In another match, Cilan and Crustle take on Trip and Serperior. Suddenly Professor Juniper’s father shows up all wiped out. Lewis tells a tale about why Revival Herbs only grow on Milos Island. The Mystery of the Missing Kumasyun!!

Boldore starts with Rock Smash which hits Excavalier. After Chili explains what happens they set out to find Pansear. The gang are heading down to the storehouse when Iris stops Ash and asks him why he does not go to Charles if he wants to see Mighty Hero Accelguard.

The set of the trap and a giant spherical boulder starts hurling at them. They continue to search for Pikachu and Minccino when Bianca decides to use her X-Transceiver to lure Galvantula and lead them to the nest. Ash and Krokorok and Mick and Pikachu start having practice battles and Mick starts to learn quickly.

When they return to the Gym, they climb into a cart that they soon find out it is a roller coaster car.


Emolga uses Attract on Palpitoad, making him fall in love with her. They eat lunch together after introducing themselves. They spot Tussy and it runs into a Scolipede. Pansage is taken out by Thundurus and Tornadus and they soon battle each other sending Air Slash and Discharge at each other. They begin to practice again and episodw “Over the Rainbow” but, it fails. Season 2 title logo. Everybody puts on a wig and Emolga takes englsih liking to the wig and her new hairstyle.

Lewis tells a tale about why Revival Herbs only grow on Milos Island. While still staying at Cynthia’s villa and training for the Unova League conference, Ash and the gang come across a fighting pair of Rufflet and Vullaby. Here Comes the Trubbish Ddestinies The Den of Durant!!

Pokemon Rival Destinies S15e32 Clash Of The Connoisseurs – video dailymotion

Chili soon follows and asks Pansear for another chance. Bianca decides to take a look at the fashion show, and the others follow. Cedric gives the gang their first piece of advice which is to always let people finish talking. The bridge collapses and Ash and Cilan hang on for dear life. Ash and Bianca notice what is going on and soon follow. They arrive at the Gym, and Ash hands Pikachu over to Cilan before he begins his match against Elesa. Professor Juniper calls out Shelmet which immediately evolves into Accelgor.

Excadrill uses Horn Drill which immediately takes out Snivy. Unfortunately for Ash, the Gym in Opelucid City is closed. They head off to the Black Hero’s Ruins and once there head inside.


They enter a room filled with coffins but continue to a revolving door. They discover that it does not want to come out and it does not eat its food, and Iris decides pomemon get Deino to come out of its shell. They are a perfect match. Iris asks Deino to come with her, but its pokemno finally appears to pick it up and explains that he got lost in Chargestone Cave going after a Tynamo.

Gothita gets upset and taunted by Snivy and runs away.

pokemon black and white rival destinies episodes 20

Scolipede and Seismitoad are both taken out and Glen gets really mad at Mick. They discover a bunch of Klink and proceed further to the source of the mystery.

Zebstrika uses Flame Charge once again and hits Mincinno, taking it out. Training at the Day Care!! The battle between Bianca and Elesa is about to begin with a three on three battle.

Bianca calls out Karrablast which immediately evolves into Excavalier, however, it goes on an immediate rampage and starts to attack Bianca.