He doesn’t have the air of ”i’m genious, i’m superior’ and plus he is like a statue.. Apparently their mothers are friends, and Seung-mi tries to use this to ingratiate herself, fawning all over him. She grew up with a loving father who runs a noodle restaurant her mother died when she was a child , and the two have an affectionate relationship. The end is nigh. I wouldn’t hazard a guess. This drama brought back lots of memories especially high school and college days and it amazes me how much I had fun before. Playful Kiss is like Seung-jo, and the viewers are Ha-ni.

Cim October 15, at But college boys do that sort of thing. On the other hand, Goong hardly spent any time at the school after the initial setup which was one thing I missed after the royal stuff got going in earnest , whereas Playful Kiss will be primarily at school. I approach PK with the same hope, but with much more caution since both are in different genres. Regardless of how odd their interactions are The drama had so much potential.

Two episodes were bad enough, and there are too many other good series out there that deserve my attention. Cim October 15, at Marie September 5, at 8: As for, KHJ I personally don’t think he has improved. So sad it’s ending D: Jung So-Min’s Ha-ni has a innocent charm and her lack of wit doesn’t diminish her character; it just enhances it. That first episode was pretty much a series killer. By the end of episode 1, I was starting to fall under your spell.

Makes it more translucent to the viewers to connect or to react. The rest of the cast are pretty fun. I heard epispde will have a different writer, and the episodes are short, which fits PK better, so I’m hoping it will be good.

Barring the genuinely horrendous first episode, I had a lot of fun watching these sramacrazy bumble their way through courtship and young-adulthood in a low-key, histrionics-free way.

Thanks so much, and I can’t wait for your next new drama. I have some grumbles of my own too despite all the love I have for the drama, so I lpayful it. You mean a big fat hippo likes in Dramscrazy, I’d rather take bears.


Playful Kiss: Episode 16 (Final) » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I think Jung So Min really fits that role. He sorta skated by in the middle, not really doing much but doing it in an inoffensive way. Age is funny that way.

Love the Bye Bye Sea band and the potential teacher story. I get your drift – will probably need directions to the post PK Rehab Centre when the 9 Youtube episodes are done. I can’t watch drams without subtitles because my knowledge of Korean consists of broken phrases and the alphabet.

She’s adorable and has pretty good chemistry with KHJ. I think a big plus for this drama is the heart-tugging portrayal of a youthful sort of love courtesy of Miss Jung So Min’s talent and the pain that can result from that. The setup is dfamacrazy an echo of Ha-ni and Seung-jo, but I like to think that younger bro learned a little something from watching his hyung. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Next page.

It wasn’t bad or good.

Mischievous Kiss 1

But it was too damn cute! Seriously — see Who Are You? I will watch this drama definitely. Now that I think about it, u-know yunho’s drama heading to the ground even got better rating than this, its lowest is only at 4. On her way to epusode him for their date on Christmas Eve, she witnesses a motorcycle accident, and gets to use her CPR skills on a non-dummy.

I heard episode 2 was better.

Playful Kiss Episode 2 – 장난스런 키스 – Watch Full Episodes Free – Korea – TV Shows – Rakuten Viki

Oh this episode almost killed me from the boredom!!! Thank you for your patience with us and allowing us to indulge ourselves. Thank you for the recap!!!

KHJ did better than in BOF, I’d prefer him to add in more mean sharp devilish glares, but over all I really enjoyed watching his part of scenes. Epjsode was certainly not perfect, but neither was Fan-i, who had all sorts of episose and fantasies about it, but they worked in drqmacrazy weird way. It seems a bit pointless to delve into the honeymoon, post-wedding part if they aren’t going to truly go into it.


Honestly, if they make her any more dumber, i don’t think i’d have to patience to continue it. I should say, “this Fan-i here mostly still loved it.

I totally agree about the last few episodes. Ju-ri, Min-ah, and Joon-gu come over and marvel at the spacious digs and the newly built second floor.

You were objective and saw the flaws, but you enjoyed Epjsode for what it was. As the end credits roll, we see: Me to me to.

EJ and mom were quite funny and sometimes i think stole some scenes! I’d say it is a success. But i dont think i have the patience to watch the girl her expressions are just meh!!.

Now that it’s over and only another 90 minutes worth of youtube episodes to look dramacrazt to, I feel calm and content.

I’m going to continue to watch next week! Hmm “Alas, Seung-jo spies Ha-in and drags her into playfil circle, continuing his appeals for donations — just as Seung-jo walks by. Your email address will not be published. It’s really amazing how two different teams can take the same source material and come up with such different results.

I think I’m in as long as they have of plenty of real kisses not that pressing kizs lips to her chin deal. But I heard that there would be 9 parts split into 10 minute episodes