But when Captain Jake and his crew are trapped, ChillyZack turns against his uncle due to the latter misjudging Captain Jake and his crew for evil pirates. Tiffani Thiessen as Misty the Wonderful Witch. An enraged Bucky goes after him and Jake and his crew must catch up to him without a ship. Mark Drop and Mark Seidenberg Story by: Developers constantly update and improve. Air Spectacular 7.

When trying to convince Hook has failed, Jake and his crew managed to put Captain Hook’s hat by dropping on his head when he’s not looking. The crew begins their quest to save Never Land. If you’re foggy on it, feel free to take a look at the trailer. We review Delgo with our opinions. Retrieved October 13, While Jake’s crew is having lunch, and after saying, “Never Land Forever!

Do you like being confused while listening to your broken iPod that’s stuck on shuffle and it decides when the song starts and stops?

The bare minimum is now 2 frames For anyone in the know: We go out with a bang though! With the help of Peter Pan, the young pirates embark on an adventure across Never Land that includes getting past a fire-breathing dragon!

Manage episode series We’re Back Youtube Trailer By the way, the music change at about 1: Retrieved October 27, Captain Hook ful, his mother are also preparing for their own Thanksgiving dinner on the Jolly Roger. Lego also hosts all these full videos for free viewing on YouTube. Who was the best-dressed on the Oscars red carpet?

College football and ‘Family Guy’ on top”. If you think the word ‘fuck’ is funny, get ready, cause that’s the joke.

The hunt for Seth continues in this episode, but we’re joined by special guest Jason Barnes. When Captain Jake and his mates accidentally freed the Pirate Pharaoh, the Pharaoh goes to restore the Never Nile, but Captain Jake and his mates misjudged the Pharaoh’s actions kissxartoon trying to cause trouble. Here we go folks! Blair Underwood as Captain Wraith When Captain Gizmo is broken, Captain Jake and his crew set off to Doctor Undergear’s island to find a golden cog for their mate, but is soon tricked by him by putting an evil cog into Captain Gizmo turning him into an underling kissfartoon Doctor Undergear.


So Captain Jake and his crew must get the golden dragon tooth necklace back from Captain Hook before sunset movis Chen will remain a dragon forever.

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Tiny Toons Joke B??? Jake and his crew help their pal Percy set off in search of the legendary Snow-Foot, a boy-yeti with really big feet. Unfortunately, Kisscarton Hook takes all of them, but eventually feels bad about it and returns them to the crew.

Jake, Izzy, Cubby, and Captain Hook investigate on who has been taking their things. Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skuly, and Marina arrive at Coral Cove to protect the underwater creatures who live there when Captain Hook uses a machine to dig for treasure underwater.

When Mama Hook wants Captain Hook to find a hobby, everyone pitches in to help him find the perfect pastime. We tackle a Disney knockoff before the latest self-inflicted Disney knockoff Beauty and the Beast hits theaters. The Great Never Sea Conquest! Peter Pan’s shadow pranks everybody on Pirate Fools Day.

Which should give Ewan McGregor plenty of time to figure out what a French person sounds like. Cubby and Skully later get it back and rescue their friends.

Clarence Season 2 Episode 5 – Plane Excited – Clarence Season 2 Full Episode

Well our vacation is over and we’re right back into the drudgery of our daily routines. Its oddly cropped, it has a banner only on the top, and then an overly detailed background image that is bottom left justified for some reason. The episode isn’t good enough to try if you don’t want to hear about it. Izzy begins to idolize the Pirate Princess, and the crew sets off to free her from a Sea Witch’s curse that turned her to gold, and while they’re at it, prevent Captain Hook from taking her golden pirate ship.


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One of the worst things we’ve seen on the show if not truly the very bottom of what animation as an art form has to offer. An unbelievably outdated that means racist cartoon from waaaaaay too recent years.

Archived from the original on September 23, Jim Belushi is back in his 3rd movie with us Even though this is probably the fkll Olympics that has come around since the podcast started.

It is revealed that the Minotaur was Buzzard’s matey, Kisscarttoon the Minotaur. It is based on Disney ‘s Peter Pan franchise, which in turn is based on the famous book and play by British author J.

Our Omni Mic audio adventure continues. Jake tries to give Captain Hook’s hat to him after it washes up on sea. Queen Coralie is hosting a dance party, but cannot start it without a Golden Movle Shell, which has been taken by an octopus, kisscatroon the pirate kids trade a necklace that Izzy made to The Pirate Princess for one of her diamonds, which is then traded to the octopus for the Glam Shell.

Jake’s crew help Captain Flynn find the Never Land ankhlocated inside Wander the pirate mummy’s tomb, so he can remove his ship, the Barracuda, from a sand dune.