Create your Kanopy account. By the end, one realizes this is merely a series of performances. Related News On my radar: We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Did your favorite make the cut? Add the first question. Parallelly to an ongoing annual programme they organize activities for learning and participation and regularly engage in dance and similar fields both locally and internationally.

Without words he presents a moving elegy full of feeling. Create your Kanopy account. But its great genius comes from the mournful, as well as celebratory, reckoning of the performers Bausch pushed, collaborated with and inspired. EDN is a network of trust and collaboration between European dancehouses sharing a common vision regarding the development of dance art across borders. Where does all this yearning come from? This film explores the life and work of this artist of movement while we see her company perform her most notable creations where basic things like water, dirt and even gravity. A very condensed performance and touring schedule that Tanztheater was in the midst of preparing for, allowed for only two periods to shoot the film.

She would pose questions to the dancers and the dancers would respond; not with words, but with their voices of their bodies. Wuppertal began her dance studies at the age of 15 at the Folkwang School in Essen, where she studied with several teachers, including the renowned expressionist choreographer Kurt Jooss.

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The new concept for the film, along with the four earlier chosen productions: Full Cast and Crew. Rubia Carolina Super Reviewer. Since the early eighties, Molissa Fenley has been intriguing audiences and impressing critics with her unique approach to modern dance.

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Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Everything you see on stage was created in improvisation during reherseals, during which Pina set no rules, she only asked questions.

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On location in Portugal, a film crew runs out of film while making their own version of Roger Corman’s Day the World Ended What are we longing for? Campino, Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Subhitles Hopper.

Since forming her own company inshe has received major commissions from foundations and festivals around the world. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie.

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The decisiveness of this search also contains movle and the will to not give baush, to follow the set bauscg regardless of the sometimes overwhelming hopelessness. Much of this documentary portrays the revolutionary methods of the greatest German choreographer Pina Bausch: He calls his friend, the sound engineer Phillip Winter, for help.

Watch pina bausch s movies online free, pina bausch s tv shows list of great movies of star pina bausch. Personally I can only get so excited about modern dance. Wim wenderss documentary pina is a tribute to the german dancer and choreographer pina bausch, who died in We travel with her legendary dance troupe onto the stage, into the streets and the surrounding countryside, experiencing Pina’s unique creations as they transform the language of dance.

It is a definition of beauty and a way to remember Pina Bausch. For anyone with an interest in dance, “Pina” is a must-see.

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Making Dance Matter tells the inspiring and largely unknown story of Martha Hill, a woman whose life was defined by her love for dance, and who successfully fought against great odds to establish dance as a legitimate art form in America. Born in in New York City, Mr. However, before Pina, I had never heard of the choreographer and now I am a fan. Her work is constantly changing, re-defining itself with each new piece, and she is well known for her work with contemporary artists and gausch including Phillip Glass.


Don’t have an account? He made his Broadway debut inbut is best known for his solo work. She was the artistic director of Wuppertal Tanzteater until her death in Film about choreographer pina bausch and her subtiles company the tanztheater wuppertal.

But its great genius comes from the mournful, as well as celebratory, reckoning of the performers Bausch pushed, collaborated with and inspired.

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Log in to your Kanopy account. View All Critic Reviews Learn more More Like This. Both outdoors in the open landscape and modern cityscape, as well as indoors on a stage.

Greg S Super Reviewer. Pina Bausch, 50 Min. It was always extremely important to Pina Bausch that each detail of the choreography is primarily completed in the head, then moves to the eyes, then the heart and then into the souls and sentiments of the audience. Pina’s art is shown piece by piece in the film featuring choreographies and performing arts carried out by her closest dancers in different milieux. Filmmaker wim wenders films dancers in motion as a tribute to legendary choreographer pina bausch, who died in RadioKulturpunkt, Zadovoljna.

Pina is a heady mix of her artistry and Wim Wenders’ direction. Himself – Dancer Damiano Ottavio Bigi