Are you speaking in English leaving state language and mother tongue? The cycle that is coming fast will hit the stiff wire across the road,. Goddess mother, Praveen is writing exam today, he’s irresponsible,. PJ is a spoilt and an arrogant youngster. I think you’re missing me. I’m on the verge of death You didn’t even sport to keep dot but today you’re asking for henna design,. I wanted to you to get the same life and experience which your father got here,.

Ranjith , Priya Himesh, Rap: This page was last edited on 20 February , at Retrieved from ” https: I shouldn’t beat anyone. Views Read Edit View history. NCC means morning walks, coffees, tiffins, idlies, at times camps,. Telugu lyricist Krishna Chaitanya penned 5 songs in the film while Sri Mani wrote the remaining one song.

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I wanted to you to get the same life and experience which your father got here. President from our caste is helpful, what’s the use if an outsider becomes?

Did you see his arrogance sir? Pilla Zamindar was released on 14 October I’ve started liking you recently, don’t know why but it’s true. It is revealed that the true purpose and reason behind his grandfather’s conditions was because of PJ’s father, who married against the wishes of Rudra Ramaraju. Shooting of the film began in October and was initially planned to release in April When were studying together, it took me an pillz to understand him.


Ammiraju is local, we can’t get support unless we earn good name. englieh

Retrieved from ” https: I shouldn’t beat anyone. But when you come to class after smoking, we’ve to bear the stench to hear you.

Subtitles for Pilla Zamindar

The film was received with mixed to positive reviews. Retrieved 25 January If parents put the switch at home, students in college will vote for us. We were watching serials, why did you stop to canvas for votes? zamindag

Looking at the bright Brahmin boy, it seems so said the people Pilla Zamindar Movie Poster. Sporting flowers in the tresses Ife he says he gave up wealth for his operation, you may subtitlee him.

The will also states that PJ needs to zaamindar in a hostel in Siripuram and manage living with a very little money. PJ succeeds in fulfilling the conditions laid down by his grandfather and he also transforms into a good person. However Rudra Ramaraju realizes his mistake after his son and daughter-in-law PJ’s mother are killed in an accident.


Pilla Zamindar English subtitles

Goal is born from your imagination You go brother, the man who gave me money to kill you What you said means arrack? I order to be divided amongst my heirs, relatives and dependents. Looks like your girth has increased. You’re the one who can stop him from becoming the president. It’s getting dark, call if you’ve to call anyone.

He beat me only once but you said many times. He cooked up tales about repairing the college roof, benches, lab. Teacher will bribe a kid with chocolate first to get him into the school.

Subtitles Pilla Zamindar

How much ever they may study, can’t get more than marks, right? You’ll get 3 for Rs.

But we’ll decide the man who will take the exam on your behalf.