He send Kang-do a picture of her whereabouts. There’s also a gloomy, mournful weariness in the atmosphere of the film, which makes sense considering that the story is set in an impoverished neighborhood where many people are in great desperation to make ends meet and are willing to do just about anything to survive. Archived from the original on 11 April He is at once clear focused, brilliant, muddled, and primitive. So Kang-do will feel the pain of losing someone. One of the people whom Kangdo visits and is about to cripple in favor of debt payments is a guitar-playing musician as well as a young husband and father of a newborn infant who actually shows enthusiasm and willingness at being crippled, as since it means a debt being payed, it also means a better, more prosperous life for his family and especially his baby child. When he is burying his mother near the river where his mother told him if she died, she want to be bury there, he found another dead body, the man who got suicide at the start of the movie and that man is wearing the sweater he thought is a gift for him. The painted visages of the holy mother and son are suddenly transposed over a man and woman in an erotic embrace.

Kang-do place himself under the truck and put a metal chain on himself so the truck can drag him. Especially good is the lead actress Cho Minsu, who brims with conviction and a very convincing acting range in which she goes from showing sadness, benevolence, melancholia, kindness, anguish, rage, mystery, brokenness, anger and vengefulness all in her character and does so with delicate, realistic and compelling nuance, and so does lead actor Lee Jungjin as Kangdo. Then I can go back again. I had the same problem with Antichrist , where the feminine violence incarnated by Charlotte Gainsbourg is underlined by archaic tools cum implements of torture, and the setting is a dark, mysterious wood. It is where a man on a wheel chair got suicide. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Korean Film in Review: “Pieta” by Kim Ki-Duk, the Mad Dog of Korean Cinema

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Movies 7 days ago. Because I will tell movi this post the summary of the movie.

With pieya of this taking place one pidta assume that that’s all there is to this story Seeing this adamance in Misun to prove herself leads Kangdo to raise the stakes even higher in a more grim and disturbing manner that made the movie very unsettling and hard to watch at one point, as Kangdo warning: What makes this movie so effective is that each scene builds upon pieya tension of the previous one. Love, care, compassion, affection and mercy, and Misun misused and abused all of them, used them as ruses and threw them all away in favor of revenge.

But so far this movie manages to address love, guilt, hatred, redemption, shame and revenge all in the same vein and does so with some compelling intrigue, and definitely shows just how inventive, compelling, intriguing, poetic and engrossing South Korean cinema really is.

TIFF Day 10: Pieta x 13

So he exchange there clothes and he hug his claimed-to-be-mother while lying in the ground. Archived from the original on 29 July Kang-do is a heartless man with no living family members whose job is to threaten debtors into repaying his clients, loan sharks who demand a 10x return on a one-month loan.

I’m back with an all new Korean movie review and I hope you like it. This movie revolves around the life of Kang-do, the brutal man who works for a loan shark. What makes this movie and its ending even sadder is that there was no one to share this message and the overall Gospel and Good News of Jesus Christ with Kangdo and Misun.

I really love how much kang-do love the woman he thought to be his mother. His mother went to the place where the film first started.

His infamous reputation has made him divisive and controversial to a fever pitch. I cried a lot at this scene because even though Kang-do knew that the woman is not his mother, he love him very much. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Your website deserves much more visitors.


Crazier and stranger enough is that not only does Misun stay with Kangdo instead of fleeing and calling the police, they slowly but surely form a close, loving relationship and, even more surprisingly, Kangdo himself even starts to change into a softer, kinder person which, in spite of the still unsettling vibe to this strange relationship considering the cruel acts of abuse and humiliation that Kangdo subjected Misun to and the understable reactions of astoundment and “what??

One day he receives a visit from a strange middle-aged woman claiming she is his long-lost mother. Shoot him a message on Twitter or on Bloody-Disgusting! An eel slides in slow motion down a staircase. This adds a disturbing and rather nasty twist to the movie and story, turning it from a tale of love, forgiveness and redemption into a tale of hatred, rage, malice and revenge that spins out of control. Why the finished film lasts over minutes is a mystery we still ponder.

Pieta ~ my first Movie Review – MARY ANN

While what Kangdo did to her and others was cruel and wrong, what Misun did was actually just as, if not more cruel than the things Kangdo did. The woman then jump of the building then died.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here As their relationship grows, Kang-do begins to falter in his ability to do his work. And it made my eye teary because it involves old men. I love this review, I have tried two times but at some its too much so I stop but I do wanna complete it. The monk-in-training did, however, learn important life lessons by tormenting small animals.

Kim Ki-Duk can dazzle, so why does he purposefully muck up his films? I pity Kang-do for how much he loves this woman. Like many Korean films, it delves deep into the world of predatory private loans.