They shed their gang tag, but the gangster seldom abandons them. This is not at all a healthy scenario but one that has become an established norm. The gentry now grovel at the feet of the home-bred thug. Educational qualifications to quality for either of the three entities I am not sure when these naughty twins confused their identities, but if I were to hazard a guess I would say it happened when the thugs took over the matter of running the country and parliament became the battleground for warring rival gangs. A lot of blood was spilled on March 16, Thus if their “enemy” becomes a woman or even a child

Rajan Hoole, in his latest book, “Sri Lanka: So today, in the North, the pathalaya crept out from its earthly burrows. The word “terrorist” is being used randomly even computer hackers have been termed as “terrorists” under the UK terrorism act. This is why this pathala-shishta samaja dichotomy looks nothing more than something separated by a revolving door to me. The government might think that directing the police to “take whatever action” with respect to Ranga Bandara is sufficient to give a “we-are-fair” look to their witch hunt, but it fools no one. Would anyone then dispute Parliamentary ethics are seeing a decline? All views and opinions presented in this article are solely those of the surfer and do not necessarily represent those of LankaWeb. Bearing in mind the emotional effect that the “leader” of terrorist movements have on their “members” studies have revealed that removing the “leader” nullifies the movement itself or sets about a slow death to it unless an equally charismatic leader can emerge instantaneously.

Criminal groups as well as terrorists groups are involved in this area. Which lolaya them with disreputable business interests across business entities globally as well as secure political connections for intimidation etc that may be required?

The terrorist The word “terrorist” is being used randomly even computer hackers have been termed as “terrorists” under the UK patgala act. Thus if their “enemy” becomes a woman or even a child This is not at all a healthy scenario but one that has become an established norm.

The number of PA members holding public office or were candidates for local government bodies in police custody is mind boggling. Arms trafficking is another area that has risen in great proportions globally. I dread to answer that question. Why is there so much mistrust of politicians amongst all of us? Mafia, mobsters, pathala lokaya are some of the names associated with them. There have been excellent Parliamentarians of the past whose memories are still treasured for their high levels of integrity.


Far more prudent to be realistic. Upheavals of the kind that turn thugs into gentlemen and vice versa are almost always preceded by tell-tale signs. But I will tell a story which ought to make people think again. He was an undergraduate then. Conversely, we find that people, like money, can be laundered.

In this abuddassa era, it is natural they say, for labu to taste bitter. It comes from the Greek abusso, or “bottomless”. Rajan Hoole, in his latest book, “Sri Lanka: They feed off each other. Samitha knows all about it. While it becomes easier for the terrorists networks to transport through illegal means drugs into a country, the delivery aspect to society is often undertaken by members of the underworld often supported or rather protected by certain politicos with vested interests.

This was in Sometimes even turning into “on-call” killers contract killers. We are aware that most of the terrorist groups today shroud themselves round religious fanaticism – they misinterpret the religion to “dehumanize” their followers.

Years later, others fleshed out what were just sketchy details that had somehow remained in my mind. With the new electronic payment schemes cyber currency becomes vulnerable to criminal minds.

The desire of all terrorists is to change the “status quo” of things existing through an ideology they forcefully want the world to embrace.

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For example, it took a long long time for the Tamil pathalaya to emerge from its hell holes, mix with the gentry of the Tamil Shishta Samajaya a. The world population as of March is said to be 6.

This is where their links with the “underworld” takes place. Not many moons have passed since Beddegane Sanjeewa of the PSD and a high profile assassin by all accounts was shot dead. Human smuggling is another area that terrorists use to generate income. Global hacking is linked to such crimes.

For today, we have pistol-brandishing politicians actually leading the mob, especially during election time. A lot of “national heroes” had died before then and have died since, sometimes at the hands of other “national heroes”.


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Things were never confusing. What we all need to remember is that a politician does not land up where he is without the support of a team of people running his campaign. No sooner they end up in Parliament all politicians tend to forget that it was the people that sent them there. Constantly having to live in fear lokaaya themselves in the high security zones The word “terrorist” is being used randomly even computer hackers have been termed as “terrorists” under the UK terrorism act.

පාතාල ලෝකය

The distinction has been erased. All the above mentioned worthies were directly associated with one or more politicians. People criss-crossing from one world to the other and back again.

Gangs kill gangs, politicians kill politicians, thugs kill politicians, politicians get assassins especially if they change colours along the way assassinated.

Time was when the territories were clearly marked with set boundaries and probably well-defined modes of communication between the two. Conditioning alone is not enough to sustain a terrorist group – money is needed, not only to purchase the armory but also to feed its members.

Perhaps it is time for the real shishta samajaya to go underground.

If we take into consideration the total strength of the Fuull of each of these countries that total figure will still seem a poultry number when considering the total world population. Much is spent on eradicating global terrorism but very little is being done to deal with training camps that the “conditioning” takes place in. Thus, given the influence the terrorist leader has on individuals it calls patjala attention to remove the “venom” of the snake as well as to disrupt the training camps as far as possible.

If it sounds like Patthala am engaged in word play, I am sorry. We can now begin to understand how these minds can become “conditioned” into cult-like thinking later to be converted to remorseless killers. A lot of blood was spilled on March 16, What am I talking about?